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Irish Tattoo Designs

Irish Tattoo Designs
Irish tattoo designs are inspired from ancient folklore and fables of magic and mystery. Here's the story behind a few Irish tattoos revealed for you.
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Irish tattoos have enamored every tattoo artist and every ardent tattoo fan. The emerald isle has a legacy of some amazing tattoo designs. There is a huge crossover between Celtic and Irish tattoo designs. Many tattoo lovers choose Irish designs for their intricate patterns. The outstanding artwork of Irish symbols have a deeper meanings, than just fashion or style. Most of these tattoos are inspired by ancient folklore, myths, and stories. These Irish tattoos for men and Irish tattoos for girls have a spiritual and religious meaning attached to them. Let's see what are some of the popular Irish tattoos and meanings that lie within them.
Shamrock Tattoo
A shamrock tattoo is the most widely and commonly known tattoo of this island. The three leafed green tattoo represents more than just a clover plant. The name comes from the Irish word seamrog or seamar clover. Back in the era of Druids, this plant was worshiped. It became the sacred representation of life as it grew with vitality. The medieval Irish poetry has citations referring to shamrock as the plant which offered a ground of young couples in love, to make love. However, over the ages the modern meaning of 'in clover' refers to being rich and without a worry. An Irish legend believes St. Patrick was the first saint to nominate shamrock as a Celtic symbol. He believed the leaves stood for unity (as they were bound by the same stock) just as the Trinity of the Christian Church. Clover is also at times planted at the grave, to symbolize hope for a new life and parting. Even today St. Patrick's church is abundant with the splendor of shamrock. However, today this tiny leaf represents the country with the early poetic name 'Erin'.
Leprechaun Tattoo
Once again, leprechauns are a part of innumerable Irish stories, fables, myths, and legends. Yet only a little is known about this little man with lots of gold. According to fables, leprechauns are a help to the fairies who make shoes at night. These Irish tattoos are also considered to be Celtic tattoos, since leprechauns are believed to have existed during the Celtic period. Legend has it that if you find a leprechaun, you would have hit a gold mine for these magical creatures hide pots of gold underneath rainbows. The travesty is, these tiny beings, travel at the speed of light. So, if you manage to catch a glimpse, well consider yourself lucky, for these magical creatures will be gone forever in the next instant. They have the Irish gift of the gab, but they value solitude over company. There are timeless tales of these mischievously green Leprechauns, who left the sheep dogs tired and scruffy by the morning. 'Poteen', the Irish homemade alcoholic concoction is known to intoxicate leprechauns, and they are famous for their ability to craft shoes, especially after being intoxicated by this drink. This also makes them a symbol of indisputable vigor and verve.
Harp Tattoo Designs
Over centuries the harp has been associated with the Irish culture. The green isle hoists a green flag (from the Gaelic tradition) which has a golden harp poised over it's background. The harp has a mythical representation above any other reasoning. The supreme Irish god, Dagda carried an ostentatiously ornamented harp made of oak. It was his symbol of majestic poetry and music. When he played it, the seasons would fall in order and life would return to a blissful state. Once his enemy silenced the harp and stole it, only to leave it as a dust eating junk piece. When Dagda called for it, the harp lifted itself, killed the enemy and went back to its rightful owner. Thus, the harp came to represent a numerous qualities, besides its ability to produce soulful music. Over time Ireland has witnessed the harp appear and disappear on the flag. However, today the harp is the Standard of the President of Ireland on the President's flag. The harp is a symbol of mysticism, lyrical extravaganza, beauty, loyalty, and elite literary heritage.
Elves, fairies, and gnomes are some other Irish designs, which needless to say represent the unexplored magical world. A tattoo represents your state of mind. So think twice before you get one!
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