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Irish Gaelic Tattoos

Irish Gaelic Tattoos
Irish Gaelic tattoos are representations of Irish history, culture and heritage that has endured brutalities and emerged as a much edified nation. History which is mystery as such, does make the idea of getting Irish Gaelic tattoos interesting.
Mukta Gaikwad
Tattoos stay with you forever. They are representations of your innate feelings and desire. They bring out your hidden wishes in the most symbolic ways. Tattoo designs that use letters are more expressive and simpler to understand. Irish Gaelic tattoos are the ones that use letters from archaic periods.
Shamrock on Cheek
Gaelic tattoos originate from the language ancient Irish spoke, before Christianity was propounded. This language was known as Gaelic, which used special alphabets under the 'Celtic Tree Alphabet'. It is believed that these letters were representations of trees found in abundance in the Irish soil. For instance A represented the 'alim tree', b represented the white birch, c was inspired by the 'coll hazel' and so forth.
Irish Gaelic Tattoos and Their Meanings
Irish Crest
A crest is an insignia of aristocracy, royalty and heritage. It is an emblem which depicts strength, achievements and loyalty towards your lineage. The Irish crest stands for the same. Represented by horses or a hawk and rich Irish foliage. It is a design that honors to the qualities of these animals and the varied heritage of Ireland. At the end of the tattoo you can have your name etched in Gaelic to make the perfect Irish Gaelic tattoo. You can also incorporate a few Celtic knots or rings in this tattoo to show the intricate relationship between man, nature and the call of the duty.
Representation by Letter
Ogham script that the Gaelic language uses, was spoken by the ancient Irish people. The letters consist of vertical, horizontal and perpendicular lines, a style that is seen in letters we use today. Interestingly these letters are imitations of thick foliage around Ireland. For instance, the letter Duir stands for D, which speak of power just like the old oak tree. The other example is beith, which stands for B and derives its inspiration from birch tree. The Celtic meaning of birch tree transformation, courage, passion, energy and growth.
Luck of a Shamrock
An Irish shamrock is a famously used tattoo symbol. Imprint of a three-leaf clover represents luck and fortune. A shamrock leaf is a symbol of the Holy Trinity, which was used by St Patrick to save an ancient culture as such from changing to Christianity. A leprechaun with a shamrock is a symbol of wealth and good fortune. This tattoo design has a rainbow too, to represent the old tale of a pot of gold underneath it. A lucky shamrock is known shower a male wearer with lady luck. Now that's called killing two birds in one shot!
Irish Cross Tattoo
Irish cross or the Celtic cross is a commonly worn tattoo, but often the wearer only knows little about it. Celtic crosses have a circle at the center, which represents the circle of life. It a symbol of life and its dimensions. It is cross that identifies with Irish culture, history and religion. The intricate rings and knots in the design represent the strength of this religion. The Christian cross is may have drawn its inspiration from the Irish cross, which talks about the influence of this religion.
You can have your own slogans, inscriptions or words written along with these tattoo designs in Ogham script, to complete your Irish Gaelic tattoos. Pick a design that symbolizes a thought that is close to your heart and not just because it is a fashion statement. As it is inked forever, it has to be something that you relate to with your mind, body and soul and not just follow it blindly, for it is a sentiment that remains long after its embodiment is gone.
Woman with celtic cross tattoo