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Crave for a Groovy Look? Go in for Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Industrial Piercing Jewelry
Industrial piercing has become quite a fad among youngsters these days. However, before getting it done, it is essential to know everything about it and the suitable jewelry for it. Here is some useful information about appropriate jewelry for industrial piercing.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: May 5, 2018
Industrial piercing is a type of body piercing usually done on the ear cartilage. Two holes are made in the ear which are joined by a single piece of jewelry. The most suitable jewelry is barbell, which is named so, as it resembles a dumbbell.

Industrial piercing gives a unique and innovative look, and hence has become very popular among young men and women. However, before you know more about the jewelry, let us understand better how the piercing is actually done.
Piercing Information
Industrial piercing jewelry
Industrial piercing
Also called construction piercing, it is done with a 14 gauze hollow, sterilized needle. The first hole is made on the upper ear cartilage, near the head while the other one is made on the opposite side.

Usually both the piercings are done at the same time, however, there are some piercers who pierce one hole at a time, giving each hole time to heal. After that, the barbell is inserted into both the piercings. A flexible plastic tube can also be inserted instead of a metal one during the healing period.

Sometimes, captive bead rings are put on each hole during this period, substituting it with a barbell later. Though captive beads help the healing process, it is always beneficial to use barbells to get the proper position.
Piercing Jewelry
piercing set 3d illustration
Barbell is the most common body jewelry used for construction piercing. Other than the ears, they can also be used for belly button, lip and tongue. It is usually seen as a straight bar with beads on either side which are spherical in shape. One side of the barbell is enclosed while the other end can be unscrewed to insert it into the ears.

One can also find barbells which could be unscrewed from both the sides. Along with the spheres, other bead designs include triangles, cones, cubes, disks and cylinders. Beads containing different colored studs would also be a great option.

Other than the beads, there can be variations even in the project bar. Though it is the simple barbell design that is regularly used, on can also opt for some other design like spiral, twist, middle finger or diamond shaped surgical steel project bar.
Barbell Jewelry for piercing
Another important thing that has to be kept in mind while buying industrial barbell jewelry is the material of which it is made. Though they are found in different types of materials, titanium and surgical steel are the best to be worn during the healing period.

Once the piercing is completely healed, you can go for materials like silver or gold, as well as decorative ones including glass or acrylic.
Piercing Aftercare
Like any other piercing, appropriate aftercare is necessary to prevent the occurrence of infections. The healing period ranges from 3 months to a year.

To ensure that no complications arise, one should research well about the piercing artist. One should go to a piercer who has a good reputation and who uses the correct materials.

It is also important to remember that this should only be done with a needle and not with a piercing gun, because these guns are not made to suit construction piercing.

Another mistake that many people make is that they remove the jewelry before it is cured fully to experiment with different styles. This has to be avoided because this can lead to various infections or other problems.
This piercing surely looks cool, but one has to be very careful before and after as well. Take all the precautions and choose a jewelry which looks good on you.