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15 Hunting Tattoo Design Ideas That are Beautifully Wild

15 Hunting Tattoo Design Ideas
The act of hunting has been associated with people of various backgrounds and statuses: the tribes, the royals, and the warriors. Here are 15 hunting tattoo design ideas that will inspire you to get one inked on yourself, irrespective of you being a hunter or not.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018
Why Should You Get One?
This is perhaps the most important question to ask. Hunting, if thought carefully, is not just about chasing and killing an animal. If you think of it spiritually, it is about chasing what seems difficult and capturing it with courage. It could be a challenge, an ambition, or perhaps, a fear.
Hunting is not about the act; it is about the whole experience of going away from one's comfort zone, struggling with nature's challenges, aiming clearly in the midst of the unclear, not giving up on hope, the spirit and the determination to strike the arrow at the prey in such a way, that all the discomfort suffered becomes a pleasurable passage to victory.
Victory which is outside one's domain, victory on the one that's supposedly more fierce than you, victory over the impossible!
When it comes to hunting tattoo designs, your choices are limitless; just like the limits of the dark forest, or the limits of the sky above. The thing is that you can make your tattoo as ancient, traditional, modern, or contemporary as you feel like.
You can choose animals that are known for their hunting skills for inspiration, or ink people from the ancient tribes that remind you of your roots, or the power and strength that humans possess without automated rifles and guns. To choose the right design, it is very important to clarify what you think of hunting―a necessity, pleasure, hobby, or vengeance.
15 Awesome Ideas for Hunting Tattoos
Native american hunting tattoo design
The early man was but a hunter living in the wild, using his muscle power and other bodily abilities that he learned while observing the wild.
Man On The Horse
From using wooden sticks, to stones, to sharpened bows and arrows, the ways of hunting of this species have evolved ever since.
Hunting scene tattoo on ribcage
Tribal hunting design
For a true hunter, perhaps one of the most fascinating designs would be that of a wild ancient tribal hunter, wearing animal skins, feather, and paint on itself, to camouflage in the wild jungle and hunt down an animal risking his own life.
Paired hunting tattoo on both legs
Hunting tattoo on arm
Animals have always been tattooed as an inspiration, most importantly for the act of hunting.
Tiger on an hunt tattoo on bicep
Perhaps, we see a raw side of nature in animals, an untamed side that doesn't think of the right or wrong way of doing things; it just sees what it wants and gets it with the mere use of its fearlessness, courage, and strength.
Hunted panther head tattoo design
Animals including the tiger, wolf, bear, cheetah, and the lion have been inked by many tattoo enthusiasts who wish to depict this raw truth of the wild.
Tattoo design of a hunting symbol with deer head and guns
Design of an owl hunting with an arrow
Even birds such as the owl, falcons, eagle, and hawk have been admired for their keen eyes and agile moves that make them great hunters.
Bird hunting a snake tattoo on arm
Elaborate native american bear hunting tattoo on back
If you think of it, the word 'risk' is a gift of luxury, because back then, everything that involved risk, was but a necessity for survival.
Native hunting tattoo on chest
It wouldn't be wrong to say that true hunters don't identify with risk; they just know that they have to do it.
Cartoon theme duck hunting tattoo on back
Duck hunting tattoo design
If you share the same spirit, if you know that life is a risk in itself, and you got to do what you got to do, then these tattoo designs will help you unleash the fear, to go into the wild and overcome its ferocity!