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How to Draw a Nautical Star

Geeta Dhavale Apr 20, 2019
If you want to know how to draw a nautical star then you have come to the right place. Let's see how to draw a nautical star step by step that would help you craft a perfect nautical star.
Drawing a nautical star is not very difficult. Remember, in school days nautical star was one of the easiest drawing we ever made after flowers, mountains, and trees. Have you forgotten how to draw one? We will tell you how. Be it in paintings or tattoos, the nautical star has always been a popular design.

Instructions for Drawing a Nautical Star

A nautical star is nothing but a conventional star with five arms and each arm is divided into two symmetrical parts with a straight line. Here are some simple steps that can help you draw one.

Step #1

First, draw a conventional star with five arms. Start from a point at the bottom left and draw a diagonal line upwards to the right then take that same line diagonally down to the right again, making a half triangle.

Step #2

From this point, stretch this line diagonally to the left crossing the first line and then from that point draw a straight line again crossing the first and second line and join it to the point you have started with.

Step #3

Now erase the lines in the middle and keep only the outer border of the star. You will get five half triangles now.

Step #4

Now draw a vertical line from the mid section of the top most half triangle down to the point joining the two half triangles below. This will divide the star into two equal parts.

Step #5

Now select a center point of the star and draw straight lines from there to the inner point at which two half triangles meet.

Step #6

Now divide each of the half triangles into two by a drawing a straight line from the center to the mid section of the half triangle. Now you will see that each of the star arms is divided into two parts.

Step #7

Now color the ten sections of the nautical star alternately using two different colors. And your nautical star is ready.

With these easy steps you know how to draw a nautical star on your own. You can share these steps with your friends and tell them as well about how to draw it.

Nautical Star Tattoos

Every tattoo bears some significance and every design represents something about the wearer. It represents stability and solidarity. According to experts, sailors were the first ones to adorn nautical stars as tattoos as only stars used to guide them during the night.
In a way, stars were their guides and so it was for expressing gratitude and respect for the stars that sailors started wearing star tattoos. In recent years, the gay community too started sporting nautical tattoos as a symbol of solidarity.
But today nautical star tattoo meaning has changed and many people wear it as a symbol of liberality or freedom. You can wear the nautical star solo or in a cluster. Both look equally beautiful.

Now you know that drawing a nautical star is not very difficult. You can use the design in tattoos too.