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Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Ideas And Their Meanings

Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Ideas And Their Meanings
Although not mainstream tattoos, hot air balloon tattoos look very cheerful and are inspirational without being preachy. So express your freedom, summer memories, or wanderlust, through a hot air balloon tattoo. ThoughtfulTattoos gives you some amazing options, along with their meanings in this write-up.
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Last Updated: May 3, 2018
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After you get a tattoo, it is very important to keep it moist till it heals properly. But never use petroleum jelly as it will fade the colors. Use only an antibacterial ointment.
If you are looking for a cool tattoo that is symbolic but not too preachy, then we have the perfect option for you―a hot air balloon tattoo! It can be cute, simple, colorful, vintage or traditional.
Hot air balloon tattoos, big or small, look very beautiful if done properly. There is no dearth of designs, and you can get really detailed ones as well. Both men and women can flaunt this amazing piece of art, but they are more popular with women.
Happiness, summers, holidays, uplifting, freedom, and sky are all traits associated with a hot air balloon. Of course, you may customize the design according to the message you want to portray. The best thing about this tattoo is that it's very positive, cheerful, and inspirational.
Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Designs With Meanings
Colorful Hot Air Balloon: Travel memory or wanderlust
Colorful Hot Air Balloon Tattoo
A colorful hot air balloon could just be a reminder of an unforgettable summer trip.
Colorful Hot Air Balloon Tattoo
You can also experiment with Aztec prints or funky color combinations. A very cheerful and uplifting design, it is sure to make you smile every time you see it.
Simple Balloon: Flexibility, acceptance, and strength
Simple Balloon Tattoo
Nothing to hold you down, absolute freedom in life is what a simple hot air balloon symbolizes. It could also mean your flexibility in accepting and handling every situation in life. The most important meaning though is to keep moving in life, crossing every hurdle and moving towards your goal.
Simple Balloon Tattoo
You can also have a cute, girly tattoo with rabbits sitting in the basket, or add some flowers to it. You can always have a sketch for a slight vintage look. Experiment all you like!
Inspirational: Freedom and boundlessness
Inspirational Tattoo
You can have inspirational and motivational messages on your hot air balloon tattoo. Portray your wanderlust or ambition to travel all over the world with a beautiful hot air balloon tattoo.
Inspirational Tattoo
For all those who want to soar high in the sky, without boundaries or limitations to stop you; flaunt a bird or dandelion hot air balloon tattoo.
Heart Hot Air Balloon: Love and commitment
Heart Hot Air Balloon Tattoo
Surprise your loved one with a cute let's fly away together tattoo. It could even be a proposal tattoo. If your partner is equally enthusiastic, you could even get matching tattoos!
Vintage Hot Air Balloon: Rustic charm
Vintage Hot Air Balloon
Vintage tattoos will add that old-world charm, and look very cool; especially men can flaunt them in style. These tattoos could be a projection of your love for the old era along with your ambitions, and love for travel.