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Hip Hop Tattoos

Hip Hop Tattoos

Many of the best hip hop tattoos are those which are flaunted by well-known rappers and talented artists. In this ThoughtfulTattoos post, we will discuss the concept in detail.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Wearing hip hop tattoos is the latest trend that is spreading among teenagers and youngsters of the hip hop community. The most prominent reason of people wearing these body art designs is that these tattoos are sported by many famous celebrities in the music industry. Youngsters are really wanting to copy the tattoos made on the body of their favorite rappers and hip hop artists. Some wear these tattoos just for the sake of fashion, whereas others have a specific meaning related to their tattoos.

These tattoos can be worn anywhere; be it on the back, neck, head, shoulders, hands, chest, and many other places. Typically, the sleeves are the best place for these to be worn. If you take a look at professional rappers today, they would have an assortment of tattoos all over their body; such as a main chest tattoo connected to a shoulder tattoo and one on the back. There are some artists who have even made tattoos on their face. Women may choose to wear these tattoos at the back of the ear or just on the shoulder.
Varieties in Tattoos
The tattoos are a mixture of different designs such as tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, dragon tattoos, angel tattoos, and many others that you can think of. Calligraphy tattoos are also widely used in hip hop culture. Along with tattoos, body piercing also accompanies the style that hip hop artists want to wear. Cross tattoos are usually worn by rappers who may have a spiritual theme in their songs and albums.

The best tattoo probably is one which is worn by rapper 50 Cent. This is a tattoo that covers the whole of his back with his '50' logo, which simply shows about his confidence in himself. He also sports different tattoo designs on each of his arm. Even Dr. Dre has many different tattoos on his body, but the most prominent one is on the back of his hands, which is something like spider webs coming out from the flames.

Then comes Ludacris with two notable tattoos. On his left arm, he shows off a cross which represents Jesus Christ, whereas on the right hand, he has a tattoo of praying hands. The most notable tattoos of Lil Wayne are a set of dice near his shoulders, and teardrop tattooed beside his eyes. Rapper LL Cool J flaunts a tattoo on his right arm of a microphone and 'Mr. Smith' written across on it.
Designs to Choose From
Rock And Roll Sign
Hand with Mic Hip Hop Tattoo
Human Evolution Hip Hop Tattoo
Nature Music Hip Hop Tattoo
Skull Mic Hip Hop Tattoo
DJ Hip Hop Tattoo
If you want to sport such a tattoo, a good option is to make one with the favorite lines from a song of your best rapper. You can even choose to put on a big mural tattoo on the back, just as professional rappers do. A simple way is to use calligraphy writings as tattoos on your arm or on the back of the neck. You can even make a portrait of a person you love on your arm, just like the way Eminem has done.
One point to ponder on is that these tattoos may be called hip hop tattoos only when rap artists wear them. So, to make the tattoos what they are meant to be, it is a good idea to dress up in the appropriate fashion as well.
Woman with tattoos
Male Hip Hop Dancer