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Heart Tattoos for Girls

Mayuri Kulkarni Jun 22, 2019
Tattooing has become widely popular today, with everyone, from girls and women, to boys and men opting to get inked. In fact, so popular has this art become, that even pets are being tattooed these days. If you are a girl, and are looking at getting your first tattoo, then you could opt for a heart tattoo. Here are some ideas.
Tattoos have been used since ages as symbols to represent emotions or certain messages by the tattoo bearer. They have been a part of various cultures around the world. Tattoos are a permanent body art, where sharp needles are used to carve the design.
A tattoo can be a fantasy creature like a dragon or an angel, a symbol like a nautical star or Celtic cross, a natural element like a flower or vine. There is simply no limit to the designs and colors used in them. Each has a unique meaning associated with it. Heart tattoos are among such tattoos, which can be used to represent various feelings and emotions.

What Do Heart Tattoos Signify?

Heart tattoos are amongst the most versatile tattoos, since, they can be used to promote various emotions, the most obvious being 'love' and the likes of devotion and friendship. The meaning of any heart tattoo completely depends on the way the design is carved.
For example, a broken heart represents sacrifice, betrayal, or loss of a dear one. While a hearth with wings and angels may be used to represent spirituality and purity. Thus, we can say that heart tattoos are very versatile in nature, and allow you to express various emotions and feelings.

Heart Tattoo Ideas for Girls

When it comes to tattoos for girls and women, feminine designs help to enhance their beauty. Flower tattoos, angel tattoos, star tattoos, vine tattoos, and, of course, heart tattoos, are some great designs ideas.
Women usually look forward to tattoos that can be made up of intricate designs and filled with plenty of beautiful colors. Heart tattoos fulfill all these requirements, and hence, are considered one of the best tattoos for girls.

Sacred Heart Tattoo

A Sacred Heart tattoo represents the heart of Jesus Christ, and hence, if you want your tattoo to symbolize your devotion to Jesus Christ or your belief in Christianity, then you should surely go for this tattoo design.
The unique features of this design include a heart surrounded by thorns, blood, and fire.

Broken Heart Tattoo

We always use the term 'heartbroken' when someone is very sad or in extreme grief.
A broken heart tattoo may be used to represent depressed feelings, like break up with someone, loss of a loved one, or some tragic incident or betrayal. A bleeding heart tattoo is the same as a broken heart tattoo.

Banner Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos with banners are popular, since, you can include names in these tattoos. 
These tattoos were very popular among soldiers of World War II, where they used to carve the names of their family members in the center of the tattoo. You can get such a tattoo with a banner in the middle, with the name of your beloved carved in an artistic font.

Heart Wing Tattoo

Heart tattoos with wings make for some of the cutest tattoos for girls. 
These tattoos can symbolize different meanings, that include a free soul or the loss of a loved one. The colors for the heart and wings can be used artistically to complement the design and the combination. Since these are large designs, they go well on larger body parts, like the lower back.

Other heart tattoo designs include:

♥ Celtic Heart Tattoos
♥ Tribal Heart Tattoos
♥ Heart Tattoos with a Dagger
♥ Claddagh Heart Tattoos
♥ Realistic Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoo Placement

Heart tattoos are usually small in size and shape, and hence, can be placed anywhere on the body. The hips, lower back, wrists, feet, etc., are some of the popular choices for placing a heart tattoo.
The placement of the tattoo depends on the size of the design. The lower back, rib cage, and arms provide a large canvas, while the wrists and feet are a few places for carving small designs. Thus, choose the placement according to the design that you have chosen.
You can never go wrong with heart tattoos, since they allow you to express exact emotions. Make a good search of the various heart tattoo designs available, and get a unique tattoo that appeals to you the most.