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Guardian Angel Tattoos for Women

Rohini Mohan Jun 18, 2019
Many people believe that guardian angels exist and that they protect all souls on earth, whether they be good, bad, or simply lost. Angels were meant to guide us to the right path. So, getting a guardian angel tattoo would be great way of constantly reminding yourself to do good and be righteous.
People have believed in guardian angels since ancient Grecian times. Almost all cultures believe that the guardian angel is sent by the Gods to look after the well-being of someone who is vulnerable or in danger of being harmed by evil forces. These evil forces need not be of supernatural nature, but may be normal people who wish to see harm befall upon you.
Angels are heavenly creatures and messengers of divine origin, and they are meant to possess great powers which help protect the weak and the good-hearted souls. There are several people who are fascinated by guardian angels and wish to get these mythical creatures tattooed onto their skin because of its aesthetic appeal as well as it spiritual significance.
There can be several reason for selecting this particular tattoo design. While some get the tattoo because they believe that someone they knew and who was once a very significant part of their lives is watching over them and looking after them, even though they have departed from this world.
They have become angels of God and are helping their loved ones still on earth. Some prefer the tattoo because they feel closer to God and feel blessed, protected and loved, while some admire the femininity of the tattoo and prefer getting specifically female angels with flared out wings.
There are also those who prefer fallen angels or unhappy, defeated or broken winged angels as tattoo designs. Some just think these tattoos look strong and dark, they create mysticism and pent-up frustration or guilt, while others think that these tattoos look cool.
Many guardian angel tattoos popular today, are made to look overtly sexual, which is a matter of personal choice of the individual wearing the tattoo for life. While some go overboard and get tattoos of angels with the devil's horn, tail and wings. The only difference being the female angels face will be exceptionally alluring and seductive.

Guardian Angel Tattoo Ideas

#1 - The Cherub

One of the rarely made angel tattoo ideas for women, which may be used to signify an impending birth of a first-born. This is a great way to celebrate motherhood for the proud momma to be. For her, her to-be-born or already born baby is an angel from heaven, who has been brought onto this world only for her.
The baby angel can be shown laughing in joy, or sleeping peacefully in a bed made of clouds or in the arms of another guardian angel which could be either a male or female. The male angel can represent the father who may or may not be alive.
For women who have lost their husbands or lover while being pregnant, this is a very meaningful tattoo to let themselves know that he is still there looking after the two of them.

#2 - The Hand of Faith

To show a guardian angel tattoo with her or his hands folded, can be of great significance to those who seek the blessing, guidance, and protection of the all mighty upon themselves.
The second way to depict a holy angel is to show her extending her hand towards you or something which signifies that she is asking you to have faith, trust her and let her look after you. This is a tattoo which makes you feel you have been forgiven for your transgressions and that you are still welcome in the kingdom of heaven.

#3 - The Arch Angel

These tattoos depict the victory of the angels of God against those of Lucifer or the devil himself. These are meant to be worn either by women who are ardent devotees of the Christ or those who are of extremely strong-willed and believe that all evil is defeated in the end, while the good stands righteous.
How you choose to depict this tattoo must be consulted with the tattoo artist as these will require a lot of detailed artwork and attention.

#4 - The Gothic Angel

You can portray the angel with deep sense of despair or solitude. Some prefer showing the angel wielding a sword or a weapon. Some have even used machine guns, especially those who have served in the forces or are huge gaming fans.

#5 - The Seductress

You will find many women wearing angel tattoo which are quite promiscuous. Why may that be the case, we cannot tell, but the answers are probably best known to the ones who own the tattoo. So if you like this genre of tattoos, be fearless and go ahead with it. After all there is no ham in being naughty.
These tattoos must be colorful, chirpy and bright. Go completely crazy with the colors and come up with something psychedelic and awesome. Make sure you do not fall into the hype, and try getting a tattoo which you really fell in love with.