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Girly Tattoos

Girly Tattoos
Girly tattoos include hearts, stars, fish, and so many other cute tattoo designs. Read the article on different types of tattoos specially made for girls...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018
Beauty is skin deep. A tattoo goes all the way to the bone. ~ Vince Hemingson
It's not that men can't get hearts, stars, or even flowers as tattoos, but since we are talking about tattoos that girls like to get, the category sort of shifts. When it comes to talking about tattoos that some girls like to get, we think about mushy things that guys like to stay away from. Well, no matter what kind of tattoos a girl gets, there sure is a reason and message behind them (unless someone got one just for the heck of it). If anyone who's got a tattoo or wishes to get one (someday), understands its meaning behind it. When you ink yourself, no matter what it may be, you know that it's going to stay with you forever and there's nothing you can do about it later on. Although thanks to laser surgery, anyone can get a tattoo removed, but that's not the point here. What I mean to say is that when a tattoo has been inked on your body, that's it; the deal is made and there's no turning back from there. So regardless of what kind of tattoo you're getting, be very sure about it and then go ahead.
Tattoo Designs to Choose From
Star Tattoo
These tattoos don't just look sexy on girls, there are several symbolism attached to them as well. Stars represent ambitious dreams and goals, aims, knowledge, beauty, and enlightenment. For someone who wants to set a goal for themselves and see it through, a star tattoo is just right. And when you mention beauty, the beauty of a woman is undeniable. Star tattoos are in fact one of the best tattoo ideas for girls.
Angel Tattoos
Some people, out of religious beliefs or even faith like to get themselves inked with an angel that has wings. These tattoos are very much popular among girls as they symbolize purity, faith, devotion, protection, and guidance. Many times, the reason behind getting an angel tattooed is in remembrance of a loved one who might have passed away. It means that the person is around and watching over you. Angel tattoos make up for an emotional and sentimental feelings.
Girl with Flower Tattoo
Depending on the flower you wish to get tattooed on yourself, the meaning and symbolism would change. Calla lily flowers represent magnificent beauty, daffodils represent rebirth and new beginnings, daisies represent innocence and pure love, Plumeria represent love and devotion, and as for roses, well these glorious flowers represent love, wild passion, desire, and the beauty within. If you want to learn more about different flower tattoos and their meanings, read the ThoughtfulTattoos article on flower tattoos for women.
Black and White Heart Tattoo
An all time favorite among girls is the heart tattoos. Whether they are inked in black or red, heart tattoos are never going to go out of style. The symbolism of heart tattoos will differ depending on the design you choose. A heart with a dagger in it represents betrayal, a sacred heart represents pain and suffering, and a broken heart tattoo is pretty self-explanatory. There are many more heart tattoo designs you can choose from which signify bravery, love, passion, and trust. So if you feel that a heart tattoo is what will speak of who you are, then choose a design that you love.
Dolphin Tattoo
Dolphins are one of the most beautiful creatures He has created. Girls (and even some guys) get themselves inked with various designs of dolphins. These tattoos mainly speak of freedom where someone has the world open for them and there are no restrictions. Dolphin tattoos also symbolize intelligence, beauty, and free-spirited nature. And if you happen to get two dolphins in the shape of Yin and Yang, then it represents balance in life. Of course, there are many more design options when it comes to dolphins. So make sure you search for different designs and select the one you like the most.
Butterfly Tattoo
There's just something about the fluttering butterflies that can take your breath away. They are all so different yet pure beautiful that you can't take your eyes off them. Butterfly tattoos represent beauty and grace. Since a butterfly begins its journey from being a caterpillar and transforms itself into a thing of beauty, it also symbolizes change.
Zodiac Signs
Black and White Zodiac Tattoos
Many people, guys and girls, get zodiac tattoos for themselves. Which is why, categorizing them as girly tattoos will be wrong. However, since these tattoos are very popular among girls, we will include them in our list. Depending on what your zodiac sign is, you can get the tattoo for yourself. Although you can't do much about the design of the zodiac signs, you can in fact play with the colors and be a bit more creative and include some other designs to go with the zodiac sign. Basically, this is your tattoo and it will be on your skin for a long, long time. So why not make the most of it and get the design that you know you will love.
Dragonfly Tattoo
Similar to butterfly tattoos, dragonfly tattoos are also very popular among girls. Their symbolism differs from one culture to another. However, dragonflies represent strength, power, immense courage, active life, wisdom, and knowledge. In Japanese culture, dragonflies symbolize good luck and hence, many girls tend to get them as a tattoo. To bring in a positive energy into your life, a dragon tattoo is perfect.
Nowadays, girls are getting tattoos that men get but more often than not, they incline more towards the sweeter, more feminine tattoos. For decades now, girls of various age groups have started to get themselves inked not because it looks cool, but because it speaks about their individuality. Tattoos have become a way to express who they are without being pressured or ridiculed for the same. Even though this message can be sent with tattoos that even men get, there are various types of tattoos especially girls like to get.

As for the placement of the tattoos mentioned above, you can get them on your wrists, shoulder blades, ankles, lower backs, or any other place you like. And no matter which designs you choose, they are sure to accentuate your feminine beauty and look more than just gorgeous.
Girl with dolphin tattoo
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