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Friendship Tattoo Designs That Symbolize an Unbreakable Bond

Friendship Tattoo Designs
Getting a friendship tattoo is a nice way of celebrating your friendship with your best friend. Friendship tattoos are usually placed in a way that shows symmetry between you and your friend. If you are crazy about your friend and want to symbolize your deep friendship in a unique manner, you should definitely think of getting one of the friendship tattoo inked.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
"The greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends."
- Cindy Lew
A friendship is a pure, selfless relationship and is precious for every one of us. Like a famous Jewish quote rightly observes, "Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure." We meet so many people in our life, but very few become good friends with us.
A friend is someone who likes you in spite of your faults, scolds you when you are wrong, and praises you when you do a great job. Thus, finding a friend who values you, loves you, and cares for you is a reason to celebrate. We like to symbolize our friendship in different ways, like tying each others friendship bracelets, or getting friendship tattoos, which are special and one of a kind. Tattooing is a unique and very popular method of symbolizing feelings, relationships, and emotions.
Friendship Tattoo Designs
Whether it's just you and your best friend, or a group of best friends, anybody can get friendship tattoos. Some people like to get one that symbolizes friendship, while some simply go for similar designs.
Chinese Symbol of Friendship
China is known for its unique culture and traditions, which is why Chinese symbol tattoos are very famous. These symbols are small in size and can be placed anywhere on the body.
Flower Designs
Since flowers are so feminine in nature, flower tattoos are a great option for girls. We all know that each flower has a certain meaning associated with it.
Yellow roses are popularly known as a symbol of friendship.
special flower
Chrysantemum flower symbolizes friendship.
You can also choose another flower symbolizing friendship, like Adam's needle, periwinkle, acacia, chrysanthemum, etc. For example, a periwinkle represents the beginning of friendship, while Adam's needle stands for best friends.
Matching Designs
Nautical Star
A friendship tattoo need not always be a symbol of friendship, but can also be something that you both like. You can choose similar or matching nautical star designs, dragon tattoos, or anything else, and have them placed on the same part of the body.
Dragon tattoo designs
Red Dragon Tattoo
Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs
Yin Yang Design
Yin Yang tattoos are known for their typical black and white combination with great meanings. It is a circular symbol containing two halves. You can use this symbol in a very nice way to symbolize your friendship with your best friend.
Black and red dragon tattoo
Dragon flame tattoo
Butterfly black and white
Chinese Dragon Illustration