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Friendship Tattoo Ideas

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 28, 2019
A friendship tattoo is a great way of making an eternal imprint of the bond of love and care you feel for your friend. True friendship surpasses the tenacity of all other relationships because of its selfless nature.
True love is when you have to watch a friend leave, with the knowledge that you might never see him again. But you know he'll be in your mind and heart forever.
Friendship is an experience that lasts forever and survives every trials and tribulation. It is unconditional love, respect and trust that makes this relationship worth every blow and every risk you take to make it eternal. The true meaning of friendship is defined by the times when it is harshly tested.

Friendship Tattoos and Meanings

School Crest

The first time you ever make friends is always in school. It is with school friends that you experience the thrill of doing something for the first time, they show the joy of being together, it is the time when you learn to fight for your friend no matter what and it is definitely the time when you meet friends who stay with your forever.
School, for everyone, is a place that comes close to being a home no matter how old you get. Get a tattoo of your school crest along with your childhood best friend (who went the same school as you). This will always take you back to the happiest memories of your life, every time you happen to question your friendship. This imprint is a great inspiration.

Incomplete Picture

It takes a two sides to complete a picture. A missing side makes it incomplete and meaningless, just as virtues of friendship need two to tango too!
Another great idea would be to get a tattoo of half of a picture on you and the other half on your friend. For example, getting half a picture on your left foot would make it complete when your friend can put the remaining half on his right foot. This way when your friend stands next you, the picture will be complete.

Shooting Stars

Friends lift you up when you are down, they give you hope, many times they become your inspirations and motivate you to achieve your goals. They are the people who also make your wishes come true.
A shooting star depicts all of this and much more. The trail of shooting stars means bright shining spots, a hope that leads you to your goals, fleeting moments of love, inspiration and kindness.
These tattoos are meant to represent what your friendship stands for and shooting stars definitely encompass the meaning of it.

Celtic Heart

If you are in a relationship that says, from friends to lovers and companions forever, then a Celtic heart tattoo is the one for you. They symbolize union of two souls. 
This is definitely a tattoo that friends, who've fallen in love must get. It speaks of undying devotion towards loved ones. The intricate patterns in the heart show the depth of a relationship and represent the reasons that bring two souls together, forever.
Friendship tattoos are representations of what your friend means to you and vice versa. Pick a tattoo that both of you will be comfortable to wear and carry for the rest of your life. 
Friendship tattoo ideas are always thoughts closest to your heart, which is why you must be expressive about what you feel for your friend. This will ease the process of picking a design easy. Friendship is a relationship that withstand every challenge and thus, can be commemorated by inking it forever!