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Forearm Tattoos

Forearm Tattoos
Are you considering getting inked soon? Read the following article that provides you with some awesome forearm tattoo designs that you can consider before getting inked.
Avanika Mote
Forearm tattoos have been popular since ages, as they represent deep commitment of the person towards the design that he/she sports. These, in general, have become outrageous fashion statements for youngsters today, especially in the pop, rock, and rave cultures. The best part is that they could be a sensational addition to your collection if you are a body art lover. The forearm location offers a large variety in size as it is perfectly shaped for a permanent art. You can get one either on its top side, or on its underside if you do not want to make it look pretty obvious. A great design idea would be joining it with an existing upper arm one, which creates a sleeve tattoo.

In earlier days, full sleeve designs were popular among the bikers and the criminals, but today, they are accepted in the mainstream, as well. A great example of this would be Chester Bennington, the vocalist of famous rock band, Linkin Park.

Another great idea would be getting two identical ones on the underside of your forearms to create a twin look. You can also get two identical glow in the dark tattoos inked for a great after-dark look. These styles are a great option as these are only visible either in the dark or in the ultraviolet light, which means that these will not be visible always. Forearm is considered to be the least painful place to get inked.
For Men
These tattoos are most popular with men connoisseurs of body art since they have a wider forearm as compared to their female counterparts. Here are few designs that you would love to consider:
woman portrait tattoo
They are a rage in the tattoo world today. You can get a portrait of a family member, a legend, a religious figure, or your own personal hero. These can also be best inked on your forearm as that part of your body is cylindrical in shape and not flat or curvy. You can either use just the face of the person for a portrait or full-body portrait, too. Those of famous Scottish heroes are great options, as well.

If you are from Western America and hail from an old cowboy family, you can get a portrait of a famous cowboy personality and get ideas from cowboy designs. A portrait, as a design, can either be historical, realistic, or abstract and fictitious.
red dragon tattoo
They are large in size and require a big space, so could there be a better place for one, in comparison to your forearm? Dragons are basically mythological creatures in the Japanese mythology and represent spiritual power, protection, and security. These look very masculine and look great on men. You can ask the tattoo artists to use colors like bright orange and red for an authentic Japanese dragon look. Lately, this style is becoming popular in women's tattoo world, too.
Religious cross tattoo
Large-sized cross and Celtic designs are very popular. Since the cross ones are religious, you would hardly want to get rid of it at any point of time in the future. If you firmly believe in your religion than anything else in this world, getting a religious one will be a great idea to let the entire world know what you believe in. Try considering Celtic cross designs for a different look. Praying hands design is also one of the most popular ones. It was originated in Germany and is, probably, the best way to show your devotion to God.
For Women
A female forearm is narrower than a male one. These tattoos look good only if they are sized properly. Try considering smaller designs. Here are a few that are recommended:
Nautical Star
Nautical Star
They are small in size and look very cute on a female forearm. A great idea would be combining a nautical star with a wing motif. The nautical star is a symbol of creating your own destiny, while the wing motif stands for freedom. This tattoo simply shows off the free spirit personality that you have, and by placing it on your forearm, you are letting the entire world know about it.
Beautiful mermaid tattoo
Girls love living in their fantasy world all the time and if you are one of those chicks, tattoos of fairies and angels will look lovely. You can experiment with designs like mermaids and unicorns. A sexy idea would be getting a colorful mermaid one with a tail around your forearm. For a dramatic look, try a single-tone old wizard tattoo. A gold unicorn one is a sweet design, too
Flower and Butterfly
Flower and Butterfly Tattoo
Flowers and butterflies are for those girls who are very girly. Flower tattoos can be inked with a variety of colors on your forearm. These can be either, simply, a red or blue rose or an intricate design of wildflower vine that wraps your forearm. You can also try designs like orchids and daisies for a brighter look.
butterfly tattoo
Butterfly designs are one of the most popular in the world. They represent beauty, grace, and delicacy of a woman. If you are thinking of getting this one, make sure that it is small in size and is inked with finesse. Large-sized ones would mean opposite of delicacy and beauty.
celtic style cross
Red paper Dragon
Portrait Tattoo
Remember to research and think twice before getting inked on your forearm. These tattoos are a huge commitment as far as inking is considered, since this particular location is so obvious and visible that you might want to get rid of a created one in few years. So, be careful and make up your mind strongly before getting one done. Needless to say, get it done from a certified tattoo artist. Also, make sure that the seals of the sterilized needles are opened in front of you before their usage and disposed after use. Thus, with these designs, you can find a meaningful one for yourself; just be careful with the design you choose and your final decision.