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Foot Tattoos for Women

Stephen Rampur Feb 6, 2019
Very popular among women, foot tattoos enhance the beauty of the foot. Here is a brief overview about such tattoos for the fair sex.
When it comes to the latest fashion trends, foot tattoos rule the roost. These tattoos are highly popular among women, as they look more stylish and fashionable.
However, foot tattoos on men can be pretty attractive, if they choose appropriate designs and patterns. Therefore, you need to make sure that you pick the design that truly gives an impression of your style and personality.
Apart from the design, you must choose the right location for the tattoo. You can get the tattoo done on the underside or the top of your foot. A majority of people prefer their tattoos on the top of the foot for the simple reason that a tattoo on the sole cannot be flaunted. A tattoo on the underside of the foot loses color and sharpness more quickly.

Foot Tattoos for Females

As far as women are concerned, butterfly tattoo designs have always been popular. A small, colorful butterfly is one of the most attractive designs that a woman can have on her foot.
Flower tattoos are also highly sought after by girls. Though small, these tattoos are very attractive to look at.
The best idea is to blend butterfly designs and flower designs, which will give the feet a more feminine appearance.
Nowadays, Chinese symbol tattoos are also in vogue, especially among celebrities. If you have decided to get a Chinese writing tattoo, make sure that you understand its meaning. 
Koi fish tattoos are preferred by people who love getting tattoos to draw attention.
However, some may not like such tattoos, as they are too complicated in colors as well as patterns. If you want to draw attention, tribal tattoos are also ideal. Though such designs come in abstract designs and colors, a majority of people get them done in black.

Getting Foot Tattoos Done

When you choose a particular foot tattoo design, search for an expert professional tattoo artist. You need to discuss with him your expectations and how do you want the tattoo to appear. A good tattoo artist would make it a point to apply a temporary tattoo first, just to ensure that you are comfortable with the location and the look of the tattoo.

Proper Aftercare

After you get your foot tattooed, you have to take proper care of it, for perfect healing. Proper aftercare is necessary, if you want your tattoos to look good, after healing. Care needs to be taken to keep the tattoo shining, and also to prevent infection of the site.
A tattoo on the foot or hand is more prone to infection than any other part of the body. It is recommended to use sunscreen on the tattoo, as exposure to sunlight may cause fading of the tattoo. Avoid exposing the tattoo to chlorinated and salt water.
Most people refrain from getting tattoos done, as they get confused with the wide range of choice available. If you are not sure about which tattoo you want, you can approach a professional tattoo artist, who can guide you with the designs.