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Foot Tattoo Designs

Mukta Gaikwad May 4, 2019
Can't think of what to ink your feet with? Here are a couple of tattoo ideas that you can pick from.
For some, it's about making a brazen statement and for some it is about leaving behind subtle traces. Either way, ankle tattoos are a perfect way of making these fashion statements. These tattoos are look equally striking if they are done well and most importantly, well placed.
Getting a tattoo on the foot is quite an achievement, as many avoid it for the excruciating pain they inflict. With a plethora of designs, know what do they mean before you get them permanently on yourself.

Flower Design

Flowers are the ideal tattoo designs for women.
These pretty designs are emblems of nature, depict cycle of birth, procreation, death, and rebirth. These colorful imprints of flowers on the skin represent innocence and purity. Specific flowers have a religious and a spiritual significance.
Flowers, since the ancient times have been used in deriving remedies, colors and fragrances. Thus flower tattoos symbolize nobility, serenity, healing, sweetness, and beauty. The shape, color, and the scent of the flowers have been the inspiration for myriad names in various languages.

Star Designs

The meanings of star tattoos differ, with the difference in the imagery of star constellation. These celestial bodies around the ankles, on top on your foot or around the ankle bone make fabulous impressions. The generalized meaning of a start tattoo is the light shining in the darkness.
A star tattoo stands for truth, hope, and spirit. It represents the divine spark and the incandescent fervor to seek clarity in times of despair and dejection. Star of David, stars and star dust, nautical star tattoos, and shooting star tattoo also make for great foot tattoos.

Tribal Designs

The tribesmen were the pioneers of body art. In their times, tattoo was a mark of honor, love, social status, loss, remembrance, punishment, and most importantly identification.
Butterflies, totem animal, cryptic designs, rings, masks, claws, dragons, scorpions, and knots are some of the famously drawn tribal tattoo designs. Most of the tribal tattoos have myths attached to them, which makes them even more interesting.

Celtic Designs

Celtic tattoos firstly look amazingly decorative. The roots of these designs go way back into history. Most of the tattoo images used by artists and art enthusiasts are from the Irish Book for Kells.
The Celtic cross, which emerged in the 4th century, symbolizes a bridge between the heaven and the earth. The popular complex sketching of Celtic knots is associated with intertwining of two lovers, idea of eternity, and the five elements in the realm of this universe.

Zodiac Designs

We are not just ruled by sun signs, but by lunar signs too. So, find out what is your moon sign and get yourself a tattoo of two merging signs.
You can also have your zodiac sign drawn with the letter of your name. The best part about zodiac tattoos is that they occupy little space, but say a lot about your personality.
These were some of the foot tattoo designs that you can get inked on your skin. A tattoo is permanent, so think twice before you select a design, as it is an extension of your personality too.