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Flower Tattoos for Girls

Indrajit Deshmukh Jun 18, 2019
Flower tattoos have been popular since time immemorial simply because of the delicate designs and the use of colors. They are preferred because the meaning of the tattoo depends on the color used for the design.
Tattoos have been used by tribes to mark warriors as well as women in the tribe as a sign of loyalty and rank. When European settlers first saw these designs they discarded it as pagan beliefs and tried to abolish the art.
However, the art survived the test of time and recently has gained a place in mainstream art. When talking about flower tattoos for girls, you have to mention celebrities like Drew Barrymore, and Halle Berry who have such tattoos on their bodies.
Girls and flowers are synonymous to each other, both are delicate and come in different mood shades. So, if you thinking of getting girly tattoos, these designs are a safe bet. Every flower has a meaning and some have a special meaning attached to them in different cultures across the globe.
Choosing the right design isn't everything, you also need to pick an area where the artist can weave his magic. If you are planning to get a big tattoo, you should probably get it done on your bicep or your back. There are innumerable designs and ideas available.
You can also let your imagination wild and incorporate the design with other images like a butterfly or cross. It is also important that you know about the meaning of your design before you get yourself inked. Showcasing your beliefs and inclinations with the help of bodywork is a very appealing idea especially because the art is permanent.


The rose is one of the most beautiful flowers and is one of the most inked designs. The reason behind its popularity is that it is available in nature in different colors and each color seems to signify a trait. 
A pink rose signifies grace, yellow stands for friendship, white for purity, and red for love. 
A few designs that you could fiddle with are,
  • A red rose on the chest with a few thorns and leaves on its stem.
  • A yellow rose in the hand of an angel on the back.
  • A pink rose in the beak of a swallow just above the belly button.
  • A rose with intricate layers of petals and small butterflies hovering above on the bicep.


The lily is also one of the flowers which is present in nature in vibrant colors each having its own significance in folklore. 
A white lily denotes innocence, pink lily signifies prosperity, tiger lily is for pride, and the orange lily is a symbol of hate, all these shades are popular.
Some designs to stimulate your gray cells:
  • A dove carrying a magnificent white lily in its talons.
  • A couple of pink lilies surrounding a dollar sign.
  • A tiger lily entwined in a snake.
  • An orange lily in a crown of thorns.


The people of Hawaii consider the hibiscus as a symbol of purity and innocence. The hibiscus is one of the best flower tattoos for girls on the shoulder, it is wild in nature and can be seen in bright red and orange colors.
Some ideas for hibiscus designs are,
  • A svelte girl with a hibiscus on the ear.
  • A vine with intricate leaves and couple of flaming orange hibiscus flowers.
  • A cupid aiming for a hibiscus.
  • A huge hibiscus caught in the jaws of a shark.


Lotuses are also immensely popular because in nature the flower blooms in spite of unfavorable conditions. The ancient Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese cultures also acknowledge the lotus as a symbol of purity and revival. 
Try designs like,
  • A lotus perched on a hooded cobra.
  • A lotus gracefully floating in a pond.
  • A swan swimming around a lotus.
  • A kingfisher hovering over a lotus.
Just remember to take a few care tips from the artist when you are done. Since a tattoo is permanent, it is advisable to choose an artist with reputation or who's work you have seen, so that you can have a work of art for all to admire.