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Charming Feminine Tattoo Designs

Chandramita Bora Nov 18, 2018
The charming, delicate, and exotic feminine tattoos have secured a place of their own in the world of tattoos. Tap through and you will find some unique and feminine tattoo designs and ideas for yourself.
The increasing popularity of tattoos among women can be attributed to the celebrities who openly sport their tattoos in public, and also to some really adorable tattoo designs, the sheer feminine beauty of which can allure any woman to get tattooed. Women usually love delicate tattoos like flower or fairy tattoos for their exquisite beauty and charm.
Though some young girls and women like to go for the large and bold tattoos, a great majority of women prefer small and pretty tattoos with a symbolic meaning, as women always love to add an aura of mystery about themselves. Here are some beautiful feminine tattoo designs that can help you make a choice, and create a tattoo that can stand out in the crowd.

Flower Tattoos

Flowers symbolize femininity. A beautifully inked flower with equally beautiful vines or leaves looks exotic and intriguing. Flowers that are commonly used for tattooing are roses, daisies, lilies, jasmine, lotus, cherry blossoms, hibiscus, and sunflowers.
Roses have always been regarded as a symbol of love and passion, but very few people know that rose tattoos also represent strength. Pink roses are usually considered a symbol of grace and adoration, while white roses symbolize eternal love and innocence.
Cherry blossoms denote love and female beauty in Chinese culture, while in Japanese culture, they reflect the transitivity of life. Lilies on the other hand, are a symbol of purity, while the lotus symbolizes spirituality in both Indian and Chinese culture.

Fairy Tattoos

Fairies are mysterious and magical creatures that fascinate every child. You can enliven the memories of your childhood by getting a fairy tattoo. Contrary to the popular belief that fairies symbolize innocence, these magical creatures can be mischievous too. These bewitching creatures are believed to have originated in the Celtic mythology.
The popular notion about fairies vary from degraded angels, unique intelligent creatures, to devils. No matter what fairies are, a fairy tattoo can look exotic, and it can be combined with several other elements like angels, flowers, leaves, mushrooms, and Celtic and tribal tattoo designs, to create some truly exquisite and unique tattoos.

Heart Tattoos

The heart universally symbolizes love and so, the heart tattoo, a trend in the 20th century, is usually inked with the name of a loved one. It can also be incorporated with flames, which makes it passionate.
Another popular tattoo design is a heart with roses, both being the symbol of love and passion. Heart tattoos are versatile in terms of the large number of designs available. Some of the most popular designs are, a pierced heart, sacred heart, bleeding heart, winged heart, heart with a dagger, cupid heart, broken heart, and Celtic heart.

Dolphin Tattoos

Dolphins are cute, friendly, and fluttering aquatic mammals. They are also one of the most intelligent animals. Dolphins are considered a symbol of benevolence and abundance.
Dolphin tattoos are extremely popular, and they can be made in different shapes, such as oblong, horizontal, or curved. The curved dolphin tattoos can look really beautiful in areas like the bellybutton, ankle, and the shoulder. You can go for a single or a chain of dolphins for tattooing your body.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos, extremely popular among women, are perfect for the ankle or shoulder. Also, a horizontal or vertical tattoo of leaves, flowers, or tendrils and a large butterfly in the middle looks spectacular on the lower back.
Like flowers, butterflies have several meanings attached to them. They are the symbol of rebirth and transformation, considering the way an ugly caterpillar transforms and emerges as a beautiful butterfly from inside the cocoon. Butterflies are also known to represent freedom.
These few feminine designs should help you select a unique and charming tattoo that can suit your personality. While choosing a particular tattoo, make sure that you select the proper style, color, size, as well the location, so that your tattoo can make a style statement.