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Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Indrajit Deshmukh Apr 17, 2019
For those who are petrified of needles, but still want to sport a tattoo, there are fake sleeves available in the market. Here is an information regarding this accessory.
Fake tattoo sleeves are in vogue nowadays and not just something to order for the Halloween party. You buy one, wear it when you want, and take it off when you want.
Fake tattoo sleeves are made up of nylon which fits snugly on your arms or legs. These are printed with intricate designs in an array of colors. They cost much less than what permanent tattoos do, and are very convenient to use.
These sleeves are the coolest piece of accessory nowadays with teenagers and adults alike. The simplicity of the idea and the sheer effect it has is what appeals to the population. Here are a few sleeve ideas that will trigger your imagination.

Tribal Tattoo Sleeves

The tribal arm tattoo designs are quite exquisite to look at with their long flowing lines and bold designs. The shading is also very realistic and looks like an authentic needle tattoo. Just wear a cool bracelet on your wrist to enhance the look of the sleeve, and to hide the seams.

Flower Tattoo Sleeves

This sleeve is most like by women, because of the variety available. They are available in the brightest and boldest of colors and prints.

Dragon Tattoo Sleeves

This sleeve design is sure to get a few heads to turn in your direction with a look of amazement. Find a sleeve that matches your skin tone and wear a funky wristband to complete your look.

Japanese Tattoo Sleeves

The Koi fish, Cherry Blossom, and Tribal Japanese sleeves will set you apart from the crowd. The Japanese have a history of tattoos, as gangs known as the 'Yakuza' use tattoos to mark their comrades for years.

Sports Tattoo Sleeves

Imagine yourself showing up at a football or hockey game with a tattoo, that has your teams insignia and colors. Nowadays teams have come up with this unique idea of having their logos and slogans on tattoo sleeves. You get these sleeves in different colors to suit your sense of style and match your skin tone.
Fake tattoo sleeves are available online with the prices starting from as low as four dollars and the average sleeve price being between 16-20 dollars. They are not only cost-effective but easy to use and care for, also you don't have to go through the agony of thousands of needle pricks to get inked.