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Fake Nose Rings

Azmin Taraporewala Apr 17, 2019
Want to look cute and funky with a nose ring? ... Well, yes, without the piercing! Fake nose rings are here to get you grooved in style. So, stick your nose onto your screen and read on. ...
There were times when people would follow and staunchly believe in the adage 'no pain, no gain' however the popular byword of the youth today has a lilliputian modification and it is, 'no pain, only gain'. One word makes a huge difference to the meaning of the popular notion, right!
With time and technology leaping ahead with inconceivable strides, fashion as a component is not left far behind. In the archaic times, authentic fashion was the order of the day. The scenario has undergone a switch. The term 'real' seldom features when we utter the term fashion.
Now, fake is the term we swear in the name of fashion. Fake nose rings, magnetic clip-ons, funky earrings and fake tongue rings are the norms of fashion.

Fashion and Fake-ology

Fashion is all about quick fixes. An iPod plugged in your ears and iPhone in your palm is the quick mantra to become a fashionista. Another accessory to make it quicker, punkier and all the more funkier are fake jewelry.
Gone are the days when one had to bear the brunt of getting a piercing done. Piercing is passe. Clip-ons, stick-ons and fake lip rings have stolen the peace of the piercing industry. There have been instances where people want to sport a nose ring but dread the pain that would either be infringed by a gunshot or a fine wire.
A melange of courage and motivation are the prerequisites to getting your nose pierced. The piercing done with the help of a fine, almost invisible wire feels like a slow torture and the gunshot gives an impression of your nose being blown up into bits and pieces in no time. Here's some good news! Here comes fake fashion jewelry to your rescue.

Faking a Nosy Affair

Faking is now a child's play. The best part is, it doesn't even look fake (ironic, but true!). The disadvantage about getting your nose or any body part pierced is that you cannot, by no means, get rid of it even if you don't appreciate your look with the accessory. This is where fake jewelry comes handy.
If you want to get your nose pierced, consider trying out the look with a fake nose ring. You would get the exact idea of how you would appear sporting a real one.
Don't lose heart if you don't like your look at one go, try wearing the look for a few days, at least for a week to get accustomed to your new feature. If you are still not convinced, then it's better not to opt for a nose piercing.
You are saved from the toil and agony you experience, when you slide into the technicians chair. Possibilities are, that your nose-ring-look might pair up well with only a few selective outfits. Hence, fake nose rings could help you sport the look with the right outfit.

Ho(o)ping to Look Great!

Fake hoops work wonders for those who want to sport a fake piercing on their nose, ear, lips, upper ear and eyebrow. You could sport the faux-pierced jewelry that works on the principle of spring action.
This characteristic will enable one to sport the body jewelry with panache, comfort and convenience. It has a small inbuilt spring in the form of a disc that you need to pull while placing the nose ring. It looks real and no one would guess that it is just a clip-on hoop you are wearing.
Fake hoop nose rings are available in four sizes - small, medium, large and extra-large. Fake nose rings could be plain or lightly embellished.
It could also have a design or a colorful stud placed on the ring to get the perfect match for your party dress. It could range from sober yet classy, or a bling look, to set the floor on fire. It compliments your attire and gets you the look you desire.

I Look for Thee ... Where Do I Find Thee?

It is not difficult to trace places from where you could buy fake nose rings. It is, in the actual, easy and convenient. There are on-line vendors who could send, rather parcel your nose ring. You just need to go to an on-line store and add it to your shopping cart. It is that easy!
If you are out for some shopping yourself you could get a fake nose ring set from a jewelry store. Sporting a fake accessory does not mean you can buy anything from anywhere. You need to practice prudence in such cases.
The nose is a delicate part of your body and even a fake fashion accessory must handle it well. A below-standard, cheap nose ring could spell disaster for your nose. It can cause a sudden sprout of nose allergy, uncontrollable itchiness or even a spurt of prolonged redness and burning sensation around the area.
Even when you get your nose pierced, it is mandatory for one to engage in the healing process. Make sure that you follow the care instructions, post piercing, with diligence.
Fashion trends are a dynamic component but Fashion as a whole, is here to stay. Use it well and be cautious. Fake nose rings is the current fashion statement. Remember, that by sporting a fake nose ring, you ought to burn the floor and not your nose!