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5 Enchanting Peter Pan Tattoo Design Ideas

5 Enchanting Peter Pan Tattoo Design Ideas
Love the classic story that is Peter Pan, and thinking of getting a tattoo etched? Take a look at this ThoughtfulTattoos piece for some great designs and ideas.
Rujuta Borkar
Using a simple line like 'Take me to Neverland' from the famous work can make for a tattoo that is simple, yet profound.
We ink tattoos of what we like, of what we want to be reminded of, or what we want to use as a beacon of hope. Likewise, a childhood fantasy can be made permanent with the simple etching of a tattoo. It's as simple as that. A tattoo of your favorite character or of the elements from your favorite childhood tale can make you nostalgic over and over again, and give you warm fuzzy feelings of what you were back then.

This is reason enough to ponder about, especially in this case, because the very theme of this article is 'Peter Pan', and his very motto is to 'Never grow up'. Which is similar to getting a tattoo, don't you think, because you're capturing a feeling in that tattoo forever?

Speaking of Peter Pan tattoos, we are sketching out for you some of the best that are related to the character and the very theme of the story.
5 Peter Pan Tattoo Ideas
1. Peter Pan in all his Glory
The central character asking you to never grow up―now this can be interpreted in various ways. It could mean that you think back to a cocooned life that you had in your childhood and reminisce about the times when it wasn't about the responsibilities and the tensions of adulthood, something that makes you smile for the times that have passed; or it could also be used as motivation where you look at the tattoo to give yourself the strength never to change your beliefs and ideals in the face of the realities and adversities of life. Meaning that, even if there are things in your life that compel you to be cynical, you do not give in to that temptation―at heart, you're always the young, carefree person that you were.
Peter pan designs
2. With Wendy and the Boys
This to me, speaks of adventure. Going into a fantasy world and setting out on the most fun and insane adventure of your life. It could represent so many things, the love of family, the free spirit, the giving in and being open to new experiences in life. It's what you take from it. It's what you want it to be.

The design is simple, and it's represented here against the background of the hand and the toe, but it can just as easily be inked on the ear, the ankle, the wrist, or the back. It's what it means to you that counts.
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Peter pan with wendy and boys tattoo on finger
3. The Combat Tattoo
This tattoo depicts the legendary confrontation between Captain Hook and Peter Pan―so as to say, the good and the bad. Again, a simple tattoo can act as a reminder of how we are faced with difficult situations from time to time that expect us to be brave and do the right thing. It talks of force, or sheer determination, and using your energy for good. Not only can the tattoo be viewed as an artistic representation because of the way in which it has been used, but it can also help us be true to ourselves, to fight for what we believe in. In that way, even if the tattoo is represented by these characters, it still has a very universal appeal to it.
Peter pan and captain hook tattoo
4. The Elaborate Designs
These elaborate designs are a dream come true for a true follower of the fairytale. It represents all the necessary elements that make the story of Peter Pan come alive. What better way than to get them etched? Because these tattoos are all-encompassing, they have many emotions attached to them―the love for the story is just one of them, albeit a strong one.
Detailed peter pan tattoo
5. Quotes from the Classic
And then we have the quotes, of course. You'll find that the work has some true gems that go much, much beyond the scope of the work and provide something that stays with you your whole life, guiding and helping you along the way. These beautifully-etched quotes are merely a sample of what can be done with this idea.
Peter pan quotes tattoo
The Collage
It does not end with these tattoo designs, of course. The work itself is so vast and the things it represents, so many, that you can find scores of elements to work with. Like these designs that we've provided in the collage―Peter Pan's patent hat with the feather stuck in, the outlines of Peter and Wendy, the bunch of them in an infinity sign, and of course, Tinker Bell at her magical best. These versatile and simple designs can be used in the most elaborate or the most simplistic manner. Therein lies the secret of their success.
Peter pan tattoo element collage
What you like about the classic―the characters, the quotes, or certain symbols featured in it, the fact that it means so much to you that you want to get a tattoo etched to represent this love, says something about it. We've done our part by giving you ideas of what can be done with this theme, now all you have to do is take it up and make what you want of it.