Elephant Tattoo: Myriad Meanings and Marvelous Design Ideas

Elephant tattoo design and meaning
Even though the lion is said to be the king of the jungle, most people would agree that nothing is as majestic as an elephant. For centuries they have been symbols for their strength, size, wisdom, and grace. In certain parts of the world, they are even revered for these qualities. It is said that an elephant never forgets. So what would be better than an elephant tattoo as a permanent reminder on your body.
ninja silent elephant tattoo
The skeletal structure of an elephant's foot is such that, it is actually tiptoeing. The sole of the foot is in fact the fat and connective tissue. This allows them to walk silently.
strength elephant tattoo
elephant strength tattoo
The elephant is primarily known for its size, strength, and power. This makes it the perfect tattoo design for macho men.
love family elephant tattoo
family elephant tattoo
As far as mammals go, an elephant has a range of emotions very close to human beings. They are very social, and have been known to hug each other by intertwining their trunks. Some say that, if a baby elephant complains, many elephants from the herd would try to console it. It is also said that, they would pay respects to fallen comrades, and even welcome comrades who have been away. All these qualities make it the perfect symbol for love, care, family, and devotion.
three headed elephant Buddha
Ganesha elephant tattoo
In many cultures, the elephant is considered royal, and sometimes even divine. In some cultures, the white elephant is considered to be one of the reincarnations of Buddha. In India, Lord Ganesha is one deity, and is one of the most popular Indian tattoo designs. In Thai culture, there is a common symbol of a 3-headed elephant, which is also present on one of their flags. One needs to be careful of these tattoo designs due to their religious meanings and symbolism.
design or plain elephant tattoo
big or small elephant tattoo
A tattoo, specially one of an elephant, depends a lot on the size. You can get a small elephant tattoo which can be just a silhouette, while a larger tattoo can have more details and designs.
colored elephant tattoo
colored or black and white elephant tattoo
Unlike traditional tattoos, in today's day and age, we can opt for colors. And let's admit, it does add another dimension to any tattoo. The elephant tattoo design is perfect for both, just black and white or completely colorful ones.