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Elbow Flower Tattoos

Stephen Rampur Apr 19, 2019
Elbow flower tattoos can be beautifully blended with forearm and shoulder tattoos. Practically speaking, there are endless choices when it comes to flower tattoo designs on the elbow...
Tattoos are one of the best modes of expression in the most creative manner. There are uncountable number of design choices, with each having a unique appeal. Nowadays, tattoo enthusiasts try out different designs anywhere on the body. You can have tattoos on shoulders, back of the neck, arms, back, legs, or anywhere possible.
Some men and women like to have tattoos made on their elbows. Most women even go in for elbow flower tattoos to show off their femininity. Some choose this place because they might have run out of other areas for permanent tattooing.

Wearing Flower Tattoos on the Elbow

Be it any kind of tattoo, you need to get the tattoo done from a good body art professional. The tattoo design has to be made considering the fact that the elbow is folded and is not a plain surface.
You can make a separate flower tattoo altogether, or can combine this tattoo with those on the shoulder and arm, covering a larger area. Another point to think about is the type of flower design you want to wear. Flowers have different meanings, which is why these tattoos need to be selected carefully and after knowing the purpose.

Elbow Flower Tattoo Ideas

These type of flower tattoos are good for couples. One person will have to make an incomplete flower tattoo design, whereas the other person will have the remaining part of the tattoo done. When both arms are close to each other, the tattoos would come together and make a complete flower design.
If you want to combine designs of flower tattoos with others, you can choose from a wide range of tribal patterns. These designs around the flower surely looks attractive.
A sunflower is probably the best elbow tattoo design. A simple sunflower tattoo really looks good on fair skin. Make sure that the center of the flower comes right on that of the elbow joint. Another cool option is a lotus flower tattoo on elbow. It can be made in any color and design. Here again, it is better if the tattoo is centered on the joint.
Rose designs are also popular elbow tattoos. You can have only a rose flower, or surround it with different designs. A good design is a rose with a spider net around.
If you are getting an elbow flower tattoo done thinking of a specific reason, you can even add calligraphy below to express your feelings in words.
Another cool alternative to these are Hawaiian flower. Experiment with a variety of flower designs such as hibiscus, orchids, birds of paradise, anthurium, or simple ones such as plumeria. These beautiful designs can be complemented with climbing plants to make the art more appealing. Women can use colorful flower tattoos with those of butterfly designs.
Other alternatives to these are fairy and star tattoos. If you do not prefer to make these too intricate, use simple designs in not too many bright colors.
Traditional black and blue ink may not look good on flower tattoos. When it comes to flower tattoos, the choices are practically innumerable. The most difficult part is deciding on the most suitable one.
Be it any flower tattoo on the elbow, it is suggested to get the center of the design at the elbow joint. This will allow you to try out different variations in designs and also sizes. Permanent tattoos can be difficult and time-consuming to get rid of, which is why is it suggested to decide on a design that you are sure of keeping for a long time.