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Eagle Tattoos for Men

Eagle Tattoos for Men
The eagle tattoo, signifies excellence and the eternal strength of spirit for some, while for others it's a symbol of patriotism. The eagle is believed to be the king of all avian creatures and reigns supreme because of its speed and strength.
Rohini Mohan
Since the dawn of human history the eagle has symbolized nobility, purity, and power. The eagle has been considered the messenger of the Gods, by many different cultures from around the world. Eagles are also known for their keen vision; not only can they stare at the sun directly but can also see a field house from a mile high. Like the lion is considered the king of the beasts, the eagle is considered as the king of all avian creatures.
From ancient Babylon to the present day, many countries have adopted the eagle as part of their heraldry. This regal bird has a strong connection to the United States of America, due to its adoption as the seal of the congress as well as being associated with the sense of prosperity and patriotism towards the United States
Eagle Tattoo Ideas
The eagle tattoo is much more than just a patriotic symbol; many successful multinational brands have the eagle as their symbol. This makes the eagle a symbol of success and victory. Many bikers and adventurers have adopted the eagle tattoo as well, for it symbolizes freedom. Even movie stars starring in blockbusters like to have a visible eagle tattoo, as it stands for power and courage. Young male teens prefer tattoos of eagle as a symbol of strength and rebellion. Mostly the eagle tattoos adorn a man's upper arm, but the chest, calf, and back are popular for getting the tattoo as well.
There are many different eagle tattoos; some are multicolored while single colored ones are popular too. Before choosing an eagle tattoo, be sure to choose a size and design which suits you the best, as the tattoo represents who you are. As for the actual design, many people prefer to have eagle tattoos where the eagle has its wings open or swooping down on a prey. Some people prefer intricate designs with the eagle as the central motif, whatever maybe the design the eagle always stands out. Here are some ideas for eagle tattoos. It is best to opt for a design which is unique and creative.
Eagle With a Flag
Usually in eagle tattoos the largest design piece is the eagle itself, although many people like to include backgrounds and imagery. The eagle can be seen holding the blade of a sword or within a landscape background where it is hunting an animal, most commonly a snake. Many like to incorporate eagle tattoo designs for men, with the American flag; the magnificent bird can either be shown perched on the flag or holding something in its talon as it flies over it. When the eagle is paired with a snake clutched in its talon it becomes a sign of harmony or victory of good over evil.
Tribal Eagle Tattoos
Many people prefer just a realistic or stylized representation of the bird when creating, tribal eagle tattoos. Many tribal designs feature eagles in thick black lines shaped into the form of the bird. Some people also prefer eagle tattoos inked in a variety of colors, but the tribal and Egyptian style tattoos look best in black and white. Some of the tattoos focus just on the eagle, the eagle's face is a very common tattoo on a man's upper arm. Large patches of art are preferred on the back where the eagle's enormous wingspan can be done justice to. Many of the large patches can be miniaturized for any part of the body.
Military and Biker Tattoos
The American bald eagle, can be found tattooed on many soldiers as it is a symbol of authority in USA. The most common eagle tattoo found on men have bald eagle motif, which are of patriotic or tribal themes. The eagle tattoo is a popular choice amongst soldiers and bikers alike. As these magnificent birds are associated with liberty, freedom, and strength, many military professionals and bikers like to adorn one on themselves. These tattoos have become increasingly popular with servicemen and women over the years. Many of these tattoos have slogans, and unit, or gang motto written on them.
Eagle tattoos for men are usually done on the lower arms or the upper arms, where they can be displayed with pride. Although many like tattoos of flying eagles on their backs, where the vivid and powerful image of an eagle in full-flight can be captured in extreme detail.
Eagle Flag Tattoo