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Eagle Tattoo Designs

Eagle Tattoo Designs
Eagle tattoos designs are very popular, and this information gives you some interesting ideas you can use if you are contemplating getting this tattoo done.
Indrajit Deshmukh
Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018
Zentangle stylized eagle. Sketch for coloring page, tattoo or t
Getting a tattoo can be a little painful, but the end product is certainly worth the needle pricks. The eagle has been a symbol of peace and liberty for a long time, and has a special place in American culture. Given here are some ideas that you can use.
Tribal Eagle
Tribal eagle hawk and falcon
Tribal tattoos with an eagle as the central theme look very eye-catching. Deep ink strokes depicting this bird, with its wings unfurled and sharp-pointed talons facing forward, is one of the designs you could go for.
Tribal eagle illustration
You can also highlight its body, show a muscular chest, strong curved beak, with thin curved lines for wings.
Polish Eagle
The Polish eagle design appears on many coins and stamps of a long gone era in the history of the country, but till today the design is popular with tattoo enthusiasts across the globe. Showcase the bird with its wings spread and curved upwards, legs spread, and talons open. Add a crown on its head, and show weapons like a spear or dagger in its talons.
Soaring Eagle
This raptor is synonymous with great heights, and this is the main reason behind many ancient cultures revering it.
One design to have is a soaring eagle with wings spread wide having a long flowing tail. Portray the bird breaking through dark clouds and lightning bolts cutting across the sky. Although this might sound expansive, but when done with the right color combination the tattoo will look great.
Zentangle stylized head of eagle. Hand Drawn doodle vector illus
Tribal eagle
Some other designs that you could try is showing an eagle driving a military tank with the American flag waving in the backdrop. When you decide to get the tattoo, make sure that you go to a parlor which has high hygiene standards and has a good artist.