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Dreamcatcher Tattoos You Will Surely Love

Aparna Jadhav Sep 29, 2018
Dreamcatcher tattoos have come from the Ojibwe people to later become a part of the Native American culture. They are known to ward off bad dreams. Owing to their symbolism and cultural significance, dreamcatchers are popular as tattoo designs.
There are various stories about dreamcatchers that have been passed down through generations. The most-believed piece is the one that describes dreamcatchers as pieces used to trap evil spirits and/or bad dreams.
Dreamcatchers were hung on cradles to ensure that the newborn got adequate, sound sleep sans nightmares. There are two more legends - one from the Ojibwe tribe and the second one from the Lakotas.

Origin Myths

The first legend says that there was once a grandmother who watched a spider spin its web just above the place where she slept. Everyday, she would patiently watch the spider go about his work. One day, her grandson tried to kill the spider, but the grandmother didn't allow him to do so. 
The spider then thanked the grandmother and offered her a web as a gift. This web acted as a filter that would trap bad dreams, keeping them from troubling her. And it would allow only the good ones to pass through.
The Lakota legend, on the other hand, says that once upon a time, one of their leaders had a spiritual vision on a mountain. In this vision, the leader met Iktomi, a beguiler who had just as much wisdom. Iktomi made a hoop of willow and spun a web inside this hoop.
According to him, that web would capture good dreams, usually blown away by the wind. He then instructed the leader to make similar webs for his people to trap good dreams that would aid in making a bright future for themselves. Thus, we have two relatively common legends that state two different origins about dreamcatchers.
However, one thing is certain - the dreamcatcher has its roots in the Native American culture. Many accounts state that it originated in the Ojibwa Nation. Native Americans are people/tribes who lived in the Americas in the pre-Columbian Era. Every story associated with dreamcatchers is a legend among one or more Native American tribes.
A dreamcatcher is round and always wooden. It is made from willow. A web is made inside this wooden circle with loose string. At the center of the webbing, is a hole. It is believed that good dreams pass through this hole, while the bad ones are caught in the web.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

There are various designs you can select from if you want to get one of the many different dreamcatcher tattoos.
Given designs are not absolute. You can add or subtract certain elements to match your taste. However, there are a few basic elements that should be included in a dream catcher tattoo design.
Feathers in the dreamcatcher depict fresh air and breath. With every movement of these feathers, a good dream is believed to enter the cradle.
The feathers can be of an owl or of an eagle. In the olden days, women chose owl feathers which stand for wisdom while the men chose eagle feathers which symbolize courage.
One gemstone depicts that there is only one creator of (the web of) life. Four gemstones or beads represent the four directions.

Basic Elements of a Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Let's look at the basic elements without which a dreamcatcher tattoo is incomplete.
Dreamcatcher tattoos look good on the back, shoulder or arm. Some prefer getting them on the wrist, foot, neck or behind the ear.
The placement depends on the size of the tattoo and also on whether one wants to expose it or prefers it covered. Sayings or names can be combined with the design. This was all on the designs, meanings and symbolism of dreamcatcher tattoos. Get one that reflects your unique taste.