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Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Looking for a unique tattoo design? How about using the modest dragonfly as an inspiration? Here is more information on designs and meanings associated with dragonfly tattoos.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2018
One is sure to get fascinated by tattooing, as nowadays a large number of celebrities and sports persons are found sporting it. Endless designs for tattoos are available in the tattoo market and one simply has myriad options for the same.
Simple dragonfly tattoo
Some tattoos like the star, cross, heart, flowers, etc., are very popular designs and are sported by many. However, you can opt for the dragonfly tattoo, if you wish to have an unconventional and unique tattoo design.
Tattoo Meaning
One may often wonder what makes dragonflies special enough to use them as a tattoo design. It is associated with different symbolism in different cultures. Dragonfly is often found to exist in several folklores and fairy tales, where it is represented as evil. However, in the most recent times, the dragonfly stands for strength, power, and courage.
Artistic dragonfly tattoo
It is one of the best known symbols for change, letting go, and moving on. Similar to butterfly tattoos, dragonfly tattoos also symbolize change and freedom.
Blue Dragonfly
In the Japanese culture, a dragonfly represents good luck in battlefields. Its quick and swift movements inspire people to lead an active life. Peculiarly, the dragonfly is also believed to symbolize wisdom and knowledge.
Design Ideas
Dragonfly which have beautiful wings
If you take a look at dragonflies, you will find that they are naturally found in attractive color and varieties. They are found in green, red, brown, black, etc., colors with gossamer wings.
Intricate Dragonfly
Therefore, you can simply research a bit on dragonfly species to find the most attractive one, and use it as your tattoo design. As there are hundreds of species known, there is a slim chance of your design being repeated.
Hand drawn engraving Sketch of Dragonfly
Secondly, if you wish to have a less elaborate design, you can draw a silhouette of a dragonfly in darker colors like navy blue or black. In most of the tattoo designs, the wings of the fly are outstretched to show as if it is flying.
artistic Dragonfly
Or else, if you want abstract dragonfly tattoos, be creative and create different designs using distinct color combinations. Dragonfly with flowers, vines, leaves, etc., are graceful tattoos for women.
Similarly, tribal dragonfly tattoo designs are usually meant for men, as the tribal pattern makes it appear more masculine. Twin dragonflies flying together on the lower back or shoulders is a favored design among all. These tattoos are usually made in small size, at times as small as the fly actually is, and hence, can be inscribed on any part of the body.
Before opting for this unique tattoo design, remember that it is essential to put a lot of thought before getting a tattoo as its removal is a painful process. Secondly, after the tattoo is done, one needs to follow aftercare tips and techniques to prevent infection.
Lastly, it is recommended to have a tattoo made by a certified tattoo artist as it is safer from hygiene point of view and he/she may even provide you with some useful tips on designs. Good luck!