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Dragon Tattoos for Men

Ratnashri Dutta Nov 22, 2018
Are you fascinated by the magnificent dragon tattoos? Have you ever thought of getting one yourself? You too can get yourself inked with these as there are tons of designs to choose from.
When it comes to choosing a tattoo design, dragons are the most poplar of all mythological creatures. Dragons are usually shown as wise, powerful, and free. The Vikings used to carve dragons onto the prows of their ships, as they believed that the dragons would grant them cunning and supernatural sights.
The Chinese believed that dragons were the sons of Gods and that they were their protectors. But, in the West, they were seen as destroyers, who razed villages to the ground and the selfish guards of enormous wealth. In Japan, dragons were seen as a caring husband and father, while in Russia, they were shown as creatures with three heads and seven tails.

Tattoo Meaning

When opting for a dragon tattoo, people usually go for the Eastern dragons, as they are the protectors. Dragons symbolize power, courage, wisdom, strength and protection. Men, in the historical period, were considered to be the guardians of their loved ones, and so were the Eastern dragons.
As for women, the symbolism means the beginning of a new life and women are the creators of new lives. Nowadays, tattoo artists have come up with different styles of tattoos, mainly for women and the younger population, such as kissing dragons or smiling dragons. They prefer a more fierce and terrifying depiction of the dragon.

Types of Dragons

Chinese Dragons

They are the symbols of power and mystery and they evoke fear and worship in man. Chinese dragons are also known as the Lung, which in turn are of 4 main types.
  • The Tien Lung or the Celestial dragon. They protect the heavens and the territory of Gods.
  • Shen Lung or the Spiritual dragon, controls the wind and the rains.
  • Ti Lung or the Earth dragon controls the rivers and water on Earth.
  • Fut's Lung or the Underworld dragon, and it guards all the precious metals and gems.
They also have the 5 colored dragons:
  • White dragon for pure and the virtuous
  • Black dragon for the deep and mysterious people
  • Vermilion dragon that blesses the lakes
  • Azure dragon that is the most compassionate of all, and
  • Yellow dragon which listens to all pleas.
Choosing the right Chinese dragon needs lots of research and patience. But it is worth the effort to have a tattoo that tells what kind of a person you are. Be sure that whatever design you choose, it should be done properly by an artist who has enough knowledge in this area.
In Chinese culture, it is a taboo to disfigure the image of a dragon. It indicates disrespect towards the society. Dragons in China are a symbol of strength and power. So be careful while choosing these as a tattoo.

Western Dragons

Unlike the East, dragons in the West were considered to be evil, destroyers of villages and lives, and abductors of women and children. They usually look like serpents with powerful muscular bodies, four strong legs, a head shaped like a wedge, sharp-pointed teeth, elaborate ears, horns, spines running down their backs, and a tail like a rudder.
They had large wings which helped them fly up high altitudes. During the Middle Ages, the brave knights fought these dragons, killed them, and took over the protected treasures, or, as you probably have seen in movies, saved the maiden in distress.
Some people from the Western world believed that the dragons were superior beings, and the person who would slay them, became famous. Some also said that eating the heart of a dragon gave you the ability to understand birds, or rubbing the dragon's blood against your skin protects you from any kind of stab wounds.

Where to Get the Tattoo

Tattoo artists usually ink these tattoos on the back, arms, or maybe on their shoulders. It's usually inked in a place where others can see it. Similarly, you have men getting dragon tattoos done even on their legs. Some artists have also done ribcage tattoos.
Thus, before going to get one done, decide where you want to have it. Women mainly get it done on their shoulders or the nape, near the ankle or on the foot.
Here's a list of celebrities who have dragon tattoos etched on their body:
David Arquette (actor), Mel 'Scary Spice' B (singer), Melanie 'Scary Spice' C (singer), Jeff Hardy (wrestler). Pink (singer), Bruce Willis (actor), Jonny Winter (musician), Brian Austin Green (actor), besides others.