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Dove Tattoo Ideas

Rujuta Borkar Jun 18, 2019
Like the idea of getting a dove tattoo but don't know much about it and what to look for exactly? Here, we will give you a brief look into what a dove tattoo represents and what you can do with it.
What is it about tattooing that gets everyone's attention? Why does it turn heads and command that everyone at least look? There is that emotion of respect maybe, for the person having gone through pain and discomfort to get something on to their body.
Something that they care about enough to want to carry with them forever. Something to remind them what that tattoo means for them and why they got it there in the first place. Let's not get into why a person gets a tattoo, that's not the focus of this information. Let's get to discussing the dove tattoo ideas.
So the thought of getting a dove tattoo has come by and refuses to leave? You like the idea of getting one but you don't really know much about it and what it represents either? Here, you'll know exactly what and why to get that dove tattoo you've been thinking of.

Dove Tattoos - What do They Represent

What's the first thing that you think about when you see a dove? Peace? Right. That is what a dove tattoo essentially represents. And we are definitely not giving into a cliche, far from it. The thing about dove tattoos is that it stands for certain universal concepts that are recognized the world over.
Freedom, love, hope for a better future, a new life with newer opportunities and innocence are some of the positive themes that it is known to represent.
The dove tattoo meaning also has a religious theme attached to it because it is known to represent the Holy Spirit. Interestingly it also stands for the death and the journey of the soul thereafter. 
With so much potential in the symbolism of the dove theme for tattoos, you can understand the reasons for people getting a dove on their bodies.

Meaningful Dove Tattoos

Now all you need to do is get your imagination running wild and get one for yourself. Oh but wait, you need some fun and cute dove tattoo ideas to draw inspiration from. Let's get to those then. Right here and now.

A Single Dove

Many tattoo enthusiasts get a single dove which is essentially the way in which they portray the varied meanings and symbols that the dove theme represents in general.
Getting a dove either in color or as a simple outline of a dove and then filling it with color or keeping it plain and simple are two of the most popular choices to be looked into. Both can be made to look good with the simplest means and they go on to represent all the themes of love, hope, freedom, peace and innocence, all in one.

A Double Dove

Couples use a double dove to portray their love for each other. These can either be gotten as identical doves or as a pair of doves on each of their bodies.

With Quotes

Quotes have always been a very popular choice for tattoos. Then why not merge the two and have a dove tattoo that has a meaningful quote with it? The quotes could act as an accompanying theme, making the idea behind getting your tattoo even more clear for people. If the tattoo means love then a quote about love will help to add more meaning to the same.


The religious theme is also one of the more popular themes when it comes to dove tattoos. It could either be a design of the cross, or the silhouette of Jesus, or a dove carrying an olive branch in its beak which represents hope.
With so many ideas to choose from, all one needs to do is make a choice of the kind of design that suits them best and then get it done. Have you thought of a spot yet?