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Different Types of Nose Piercing Jewelry for a Dazzling Look

Different Types of Nose Piercing Jewelry
Flaunting your much-coveted nose piercing jewelry has become easier than ever with the variety of options available. This ThoughtfulTattoos article shows you how to do it in style, with a list of different types of nose piercing jewelry and some amazing options in each category.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: May 3, 2018
Quick Tip
Do not wear plastic jewelry immediately or within 3 months of your piercing. Plastic will stick to the wound, increasing the chances of infection.
Nose piercing was initially popular in the Indian, African, and South Pacific cultures. Over time, it became a rage across the US and Europe too. In fact, it is the second-most popular piercing after ear piercing.

Since, there are several types of nose piercings, we can see a lot of versatility in the jewelry options as well. You can choose from rings, studs, hoops, or bones.
Before deciding on a piece of jewelry, it is important to understand which type will complement your nose piercing type. Check out some cool jewelry options for each piercing type in this ThoughtfulTattoos article.
Basic Piercing
Basic Piercing
It is the most popular type of piercing. The left or the right nostril is pierced in the center. If you are getting pierced for the first time, this is the safest one.

Jewelry Types: (From top to bottom) nose bone, l-shaped studs, diamond stud, and rings
Septum Piercing Jewelry Options
In a septum piercing, cartilage between the walls of the nose is pierced. This is a pretty sensitive piercing. It is the only piercing that can be hidden.

Jewelry Types: (From top to bottom) bones, captive bead ring, bull ring, and diamond stud
Bridge Piercing Jewelry Options
This piercing is done on the surface of the bridge of the nose, and is one of the toughest ones. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Jewelry Types: (From top to bottom) straight barbell and diamond barbells
Jewelry Types
  • Simple, uncomplicated, versatile, and classy, rings are the most popular nose piercing jewelry because they are convenient and easy to use.
  • You can choose rings made from different materials like gold and silver. Obviously, these metal rings will cost more. The inexpensive options include glass, surgical, or titanium rings.
  • Another advantage of glass rings is that they are hypo-allergenic. Captive bead rings are very popular as well.
Bones, Pins, or Studs
  • These have a large bead, decoration, or stud on the outside and a small bead inside. Sometimes, the inner part is curved, but it is mostly straight.
  • They can be difficult to remove so don't wear them immediately after getting a piercing done.
Screw or L-bar
  • A screw is a short piece of jewelry which has a coil at the end which helps to hold it in place.
  • The L-bar is a modern version which has a straight end rather than a curl.
U-bends can be used only for septum piercings. The jewelry is like a pin except that it is U-shaped, and the ends are flipped up inside the nostrils.
Spikes are suitable for septum and bridge piercings. They have pointed ends that stick out, and are worn horizontally through the piercing.
Fake Nose Piercing Jewelry
So what if you haven't made up your mind about piercing? You can still flaunt fake jewelry. It is quite inexpensive and it looks good too. Moreover, you are free to experiment and decide which piercing you want to get.
Things to Consider
  • You can experiment with a variety of jewelry options if you have a basic nose piercing.
  • Wear a ring or a simple diamond stud for the first few days after the piercing, as they are simple and give room for swelling. After the period of healing, which is around 3 months, you can opt for more stylish jewelry.
  • Sterling silver can cause irritation or permanent skin discoloration. So opt for jewelry made from white gold, gold, solid platinum, or rose gold.
  • Another important factor to consider is the gauge of the jewelry. It is the thickness of the post. More the gauge thinner the post.
  • Nose piercing is usually done with an 18 gauge (1.02 mm) post. Talk to your piercing artist about the exact gauge. This will help you choose the most appropriate jewelry, as some rings or bones could be too thick for your piercing.