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Cover Up Tattoos for Names

Cover Up Tattoos for Names
A few of us forget that a tattoo is a permanent art, and its removal isn't easy. Removing a tattoo is an expensive affair, so one of the best options to explore is to use cover up tattoos.
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If you are looking for cover up tattoos for names, you should consider ideas like removing or adding a few alphabets, or inking a completely new design over the name. There are artists who use their skills specially to create designs that will hide the unwanted tattoo, and give you a new interesting work of art. Such artists are in great demand, as there are many who would like to erase a name or word from their body. Here are the tricks that are used in such cases.
Tattoo Letterings
Are you fed up of wearing a jacket to cover an unwanted tattoo? There are different lettering styles that can be used. Some of the famous examples are Johnny Depp and Pamela Anderson. Johnny had tattooed words Winona Forever, and he changed them to Wino Forever. Pamela had Tommy inked on her skin at one point of time, which after a while, she changed to Mommy. In the same manner, if one has Lilly tattooed on his arm, he can easily change it to something humorous like Silly Me instead.
Tribal Tattoos
These can hide names pretty easily, as they consist of expansive designs with just curving lines, sharp edges, and interwoven patterns. Good tattoo artists will not be perturbed by the fonts you used. They will just draw over your earlier design to give you a totally fresh-looking one. The best thing about tribal tattooing is that there are several designs that appeal to individual tastes.
Tattoo Designs
Superimposing different designs to mask names, is a very popular idea which has been successfully used by many individuals. Using feminine designs like flowers, butterflies, etc are some of the best options for women. Men could use masculine designs like dragons, skulls, snakes, etc. An artist will incorporate the already existing name into the new design, using techniques like shading, heavy inking, use of vibrant colors, etc. All you have to do is pick vibrant colors for this purpose.
Tattoo Graffiti
This is one of the latest craze, using your body as a canvas for graffiti that depicts your attitude. It is very popular for covering up names from lower back, arms, shoulders, and many other parts of the body. The reason behind its popularity is the combination of images and words, co-existing in perfect synchrony. You can even incorporate your old tattoo in the new pattern, and have a beautiful new image. For instance, the name Rose could be covered up using graffiti style to transform it into Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. Sugar is Sweet, and So are U, with flowered vines entwined in the words.
Get hold of a good artist, and you could use almost any design of your choice as a cover up. Not only is this a less expensive method as compared to tattoo removal, but it is also an opportunity to have a new, cool pattern.
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