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Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men

Girija Shinde Sep 29, 2018
To helps those men who are in search of cool tattoo designs, here are some ideas that they can consider for choosing the same.
One of the best way to be cool, is to get a unique tattoo done. Anyone with it is regarded as different from others, even today. You must be aware of the fact that there are literally thousands of designs available.
However, when you try to search or ask anyone for suggestion of a unique design, you will find that there are only a few typical patterns in front of you. This is because they are mainly divided into two categories, tattoos for men and the ones for women. This is actually a very useful categorization as guys and girls always prefer some typical features.
However, it also limits the choice. Men in search of cool tattoos have many options available. You should remember that the word cool has varied meanings, so the patterns that you prefer, might not be liked by some other guy. Here are some which are liked by most of the men.

Some Ideas

As the design would depend on the likes and dislikes of the wearer, they are also dependent on the location of the same. You need to take into consideration the space available for getting a particular design, before finalizing it.

Animal Tattoos

Some animals are associated with fearlessness, bravery, and wildness. Exactly these are the qualities that attract a man, so what can be better than this type.
There are loads of options to choose from, each of the animal has a meaning, so one should choose depending on what he wishes to portray.
For example, lion tattoo designs portray bravery and royal nature. So if you wish to tell the world that you are the 'king', it is the perfect choice. There are tattoos designs like dragon, snake, scorpio, tiger, etc.are also very popular.
All of them have a special meaning, so it is better to understand it before deciding the one. If you want to get a cool one, literally, dolphin tattoos are the best option for you.

Bird Tattoos

Just like animal ones, these are also very popular. Now, you will find designs even for the tiniest birds like the hummingbird and even for birds like an ostrich.
However, for this type, eagle, owl, or hawk should be opted. Every bird symbolizes something, like the eagle design is the symbol of power, same with hawk. So if you wish to flaunt your arm muscles, get vulture, hawk, or eagle wings done. You do not need to get the whole bird in the pattern, just the face or the wings are enough.

Tribal Tattoos

These are one of the most ancient designs. They are quite extensive, so choose a large space for the same like the arm or the upper back. They look really cool and classy due to the use of black ink and broad strokes.
The patterns are generally asymmetrical, which actually adds in their beauty. Some specific ones like tribal cross tattoos or tribal tiger tattoos can also be chosen, depending on your choice.

Skull Tattoos

These have their own panache, and they look dangerous as well as cool. There are many designs available in this type. The most popular is the blazing skull tattoo. You can even personalize it by adding your name to it, or even words like 'beware' will seem cool.
Depending on your choice and interest, get any one of the given engraved and kick-start your journey towards style and coolness.