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11 Cool Scroll Tattoo Design Ideas That are Incredibly Charming

11 Cool Scroll Tattoo Design Ideas
Scrolls have a beautiful history - they were rolls of parchments that were used to write during old times. If you love the vintage rolls of paper, ThoughtfulTattoos brings you 11 cool ideas for scroll tattoo designs.
Neha B Deshpande
Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017
Before scrolls were taken over...
Today when we think of the word scroll, we are quickly reminded of the scroll bar. However, scrolls are associated with an enigmatic beauty. They are rolls of paper curled up and tied with strings, that were once used to carry messages. Over time, they were taken over by modern modes of communication. Even today, they have retained their antique value, and have become popular as tattoo designs.
Scrolls are a testimony to history. They were used in olden times for writing messages to be sent over long and short distances. The look of old parchment paper and the depiction of these beautiful rolls adds an essence of vintage style to the tattoos. You can include quotes, words of wisdom, religious verses, or simply some designs on them. The good thing about scrolls is that they give you space to write.

Scroll tattoo designs can be imprinted on almost any body part - chest, back, arms, neck, and ribs too. For large parchments, the back or the ribs are preferred. Ribs are popularly used for scroll tattoo designs due to their naturally curvy pattern. The chest is preferred for horizontal rolls, while the arm or the leg can be chosen for vertical designs.

Here, we bring you some awesome scroll tattoo designs. Scroll down to take a look!
Name in a Scroll
family scroll tattoo
Family Scroll
While some put their family names in the designs, others choose to add names of their children, wife, parents, or loved ones. These tattoo designs are an expression of one's love towards his family. Let the names remind you of how your near ones have been there for you always.
name scroll tattoo
Name Scroll
These tattoo designs will include just your name on a scroll, blended beautifully with other design elements. You can experiment with the lettering style as well.
Serene Tattoos
angel scroll tattoo
Angel Scroll
Angel scrolls have their own serene beauty. You can use them to inscribe religious verses or some philosophical quotes on them.
memorial scroll tattoo
Memorial Scroll
You can dedicate your scroll tattoo to the loving remembrance of someone close to your heart. You can have their names, something indicating your relationship with them, or a quote about them, as a part of the tattoo design.
bible quote scroll tattoo
Bible Quotes
You can choose bible quotes about love, marriage, or friendship, or include words of encouragement from the bible. Or you can choose inspirational bible verses about strength, hope, and the like.
For Men
Skull And Scroll
Combining elements like a skull can add a masculine element to your scroll tattoo design
heart scroll tattoo
Or say that you are here to rule everyone's hearts, with a simple message like the one shown above, combined with suitable design elements. Men can flaunt these designs on their chest or shoulder.
For Women
love scroll tattoo
Combine the name of your loved one with a simple 'I love you' message written on the scroll. Or have the three magic words written in a foreign language. Make the design interesting by using the appropriate design elements and colors.
hope scroll tattoo
Bird scroll tattoos look beautiful and have something very feminine about them. Bird designs are popularly combined with messages on hope or peace. These small tattoos can be worn on the leg or shoulder. They are sure to make heads turn.
Unusual Scroll Tattoos
treasure scroll tattoo
Treasure scroll tattoo designs are used to depict the hunt for a treasure, with the use of treasure maps, associated objects symbolic of the concept, and suitable messages.
game scroll tattoo
The design given above depicts a card game with some masculine elements such as fire and sword.
Typically, those who love vintage style, might like to embed these beautiful parchments on their skin. Derive inspiration from the designs given above or come up with interesting ones of your own. Include elements based on your personality or go with something you strongly believe in. Choose symbols, text, or combine the two for a beautiful scroll tattoo design that you would pride.