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Cool Motorcycle-themed Tattoo Designs

Cool Motorcycle-themed Tattoo Designs
Engraving a motorcycle-themed tattoo is a great idea especially for riders, motorcycle club members, as well as people who admire motorbikes. If you're looking forward to ink yourself with a motorbike design, you've come to the right place. Take a look at some designs suggested by ThoughtfulTattoos to help you decide on a good motorcycle tattoo.
Vibhav Gaonkar
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
It wasn't until I went to college and I got my first motorcycle that I understood the thrill of speed.
Vin Diesel
It is believed that a person's tattoo represents his/her attitude towards life. However, tattoos can also be made just for fun or to permanently ink your body with something you truly admire. Motorcycle tattoos can be categorized in the latter; although they don't symbolize anything or don't have any specific meaning, they would surely show the tattooed person's love for motorbikes. 

There's actually a lot of choice when it comes to tattooing motorcycle-themed stuff. Motorcycle tattoos needn't necessarily be pictures of different motorbikes, but can be things associated to motorcycles; for instance, skulls, flames, wings, club symbols, pistons, and the like. 

Take a look at some catchy motorcycle tattoo designs and help yourself into choosing a good one.
Classic Motorcycle Designs
Classic Motorcycle Tattoos
How about classics? Vintage motorbikes have been benchmarks of motorbiking, and never fall out of trend. Go for a cool Royal Enfield tattoo or a hot rod like Harley Davidson.
Skulls and Flames
If we're talking about motorcycles, we are surely talking about skulls and flames. Skulls began to appear on motorcycles post World War 2 when veterans of the war took up motorcycling. It was believed that skulls were a way of intimidating the enemy, and passed a general message that something bad was coming.
Sports and Dirt Bikes
If you're more towards sports-biking or dirt-biking, you could consider some of these ideas. If you own a sports bike, you could even ink its emblem along with the bike.
Badges and Emblems
Consider inking your motorcycle club badge with your name or nickname below it. Tattoo this preferably on visible areas, so you can flaunt it among people around you or be recognized as a member of a renowned club.
Try creating or thinking of your own unique and cool tattoo design from the ideas provided above. In case you are a member of a motorcycle club, you could decide among your club members, a unique and related tattoo design for your club. Happy tattooing!