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7 Cool Gargoyle Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

7 Cool Gargoyle Tattoo Designs and  Their Meanings
Gargoyles are figures of ugly human faces, animals, and mythical or frightening imaginary creatures seen at the very top of a lot of Gothic architecture. These figures were usually used as gutters on roofs to divert water away from buildings. Any figure that did not serve that purpose was called a 'grotesque'. The name gargoyle itself is believed to originate from the French word 'gargouille', meaning 'throat'.
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Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
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Stranger Than fiction
winged gargoyle tattoo design
The story is that, winged gargoyles would come alive and fly around at night to protect the building, its occupants, and even the village. At dawn, they would return to their perch. Hence, representing defense against evil spirits.

Another story - Gargoyles were actually the brainchild of the pagan architects who were employed to build churches during the spread of Christianity. This was their way of retaining a little symbolism of the pagan gods whom they were no longer allowed to worship.
Gargoyle Lion
lion gagroyle tattoo
A lion had multiple connotations as a gargoyle. Initially, it is believed to be thought of as power and energy. It usually linked to the sun because of its golden mane. However, it is also mentioned that, it could have been understood as 'Pride', from the seven deadly sins.
Gargoyle Dog
dog gargoyle tattoo ideas
Dogs were mostly considered faithful, loyal, intelligent, and attentive. This made them the ultimate guardians, which is what gargoyles were meant to signify. However, at times, hungry dogs would steal food too, and this led to the understanding that even the most loyal can be corrupted by greed.
Gargoyle Wolf
wolf gargoyle tattoo
Wolves were feared for their ferociousness and intelligence, but at the same time were respected for their ability to work as a pack. This led to the meaning or understanding that, the leader of a pack protects like a priest protects his flock, the lamb of god.
Gargoyle Eagle
eagle gargoyle tattoo
It was believed that eagles were one of the few animals that could in fact defeat a dragon. They were respected for their ability to see at great distances; this was seen to represent foresight. They were also known to be able to renew or heal themselves with the power of the sun, like the pagan gods.
Gargoyle Snake
snake gargoyle tattoo
Associated with original sin, the snake is said to be the symbol of envy. Also because of the shedding of the skin, it was believed to be immortal. This has often been depicted with the image of a snake biting its own tail.
Gargoyle Goat
goat gargoyle tattoo
Due to their ability to find food and nourish themselves with almost nothing, the goat was thought to be Christ-like. On the other hand, it was the most commonly used animal for sacrifice in pagan customs, and hence deemed to symbolize the devil.