Collarbone Tattoos That Will Bring Out the Awesomeness in You

Collarbone Tattoos
Tattoos are making their impression everywhere on the human body, and now collarbone tattoos are in trend these days. This Buzzle article has come up with a range of tattoo designs for you to choose from.
Tattoos are now an integral part of personal fashion, and these days, they are used in making unique fashion statements. The last 10 to 15 years have seen shoulder tattoo designs becoming popular, not only amongst men but among women, too. As the shoulders are starting to fill up, tattoo fanatics have decided to cruise upwards towards the collarbone.

Now, new and eye-catching designs are being sought to make collarbone tattoos. The collarbone is the portion that connects the shoulders with the neck. A well-shaped collarbone and muscle structure can look very attractive, and a tattoo can be an icing on the cake. There can be various collarbone tattoo designs that can be implemented. However, men and women can have designs in different tattoo genres.

Different Font Styles

If you have decided to get a quote, or a name tattooed on your body, then first check for the different fonts and styles, which will decorate the text and give it a sensual look. Various calligraphic scripts are used with a lot of curves and strokes that enhance the letters and make your tattoo more attractive. Check out some of the following short quotations written in different font styles, one of which you may finalize for your tattoo!

Foreign Script

Have you given a thought to writing your name or a quote in a different language against your skin? Writing our name in some different language has always been a fascination for all of us. Even in the tattoo world, a foreign script is used by many, especially the ones like Kanjis of Japanese language, some Chinese words, or may be a hymn written in Arabic or Sanskrit language.


Many of us have the habit of writing down good quotes or sayings that we hear from someone, or sometimes, highlight them while reading a book as they inspire us. But after writing it in a diary, it's just a matter of some days and we forget that powerful statement, which we decided to follow. Many of us, thus, get it inked on our body to give it a look every day (and may be show it off). Writing a quote on your collarbone is one of the most popular designs; moreover, it gives a nice and appealing look. Here are some of the famous quotes that you can use to ink your collarbone.

Giving up was never an option. - Lance Armstrong

We are never defeated unless we give up on God. - Ronald Reagan

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius

You are the creator of your own destiny. - Swami Vivekananda

Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

It is never too late to be what you might have been. - George Eliot

A Catalog for You

Making your mind up over getting a tattoo done is only the first step of the procedure. Deciding a design is the most difficult task as there are tons of categories and designs to choose from. One has to think not twice but a hundred times, as that design is going to stay on his skin all his life. So, selecting a perfect design that holds some meaning to you becomes necessary. This is because, if you don't like it or regret the design later, then removing it is the most painful thing that you will have to do. Check the catalog provided below. It will help you in deciding a design for enhancing your collarbone.



Anchor tattoos are one of the oldest tattoo designs that symbolize safety, stability, good luck, and many more. This design is more common among seamen or people related to water. In the olden days, an anchor was also used as a sign of Christianity.


angel tattoo 2
angel tattoo 3

Angels are known as the Messengers of God, and hence this design is generally used to signify the relationship of God with humans and the mediator, i.e., the Angel - who acts as a guardian. It also symbolizes religion, protection, and innocence.

Angel Wings

wings tattoo
wings tattoo 1
wings tattoo 2

Wing tattoo designs are quite popular among the tattoo world. They tell us about high inspirations and high aims that one has. They also show one's desire to fly as high as possible and succeed in life. Wings can also be combined with heart, angels, and crosses.


birds tattoo
birds tattoo 1
birds tattoo 2

bird silhouettes tattoo
bird silhouettes tattoo 2

A bird tattoo stands for the power of freedom and joy of living, be it a small sparrow, hummingbird, or a ferocious eagle. In some places, bird tattoos also stand for peace and triumph of good over evil powers.

A silhouette of a flock of birds flying is one of the most beautiful sights that one can get inked on the collarbone area. It signifies unity and freedom as well. More than its meaning, the sight of birds will enhance your collarbone.


butterfly tattoo 1a
butterfly tattoo 2a
butterfly tattoo 3a

butterfly silhouettes tattoo
butterfly silhouettes tattoo 1
butterfly silhouettes tattoo 2

A butterfly tattoo mainly stands for grace and beauty. The beautiful colors on the wings make us wonder about their metamorphosis. A butterfly design is more feminist in nature, which also signifies joy, prosperity, and happiness.

A silhouette of a butterfly looks very elegant on the collarbone and will certainly compel the person to give your tattoo a second look. The tribal design of a silhouette of butterfly has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times.


cupid tattoo 1
cupid tattoo 2
cupid tattoo 3

A cupid tattoo speaks the language of love. It tells us about the beautiful feeling that one has for their partner. One can also include the name of his partner to signify his love and commitment to the relationship. (However, be sure that he/she is the final one!)


fairy tattoo 1
fairy tattoo 2
fairy tattoo 3

A fairy tattoo is a popular design among women as it is inked for its beautiful appearance and symbolic beauty. It signifies one's belief in the childhood imaginary character who guards us against all the difficulties of life and gives power to fight evil.


feather tattoo 1
feather tattoo 2

A feather tattoo is a design chosen by both, men and women, which stands for air, spirituality, and courage. A feather tattoo also holds symbolic meaning for the Native Americans, and it is related to their spiritual beliefs.

Floral Design

floral design tattoo
floral design tattoo 1
floral design tattoo 2

floral abstract tattoo
floral abstract tattoo 1
floral abstract tattoo 2

Flowers, leaves, trees - all stand for love, protection, beauty, and wealth. The floral design inked on the body also tells us about imagination and creativity. Different flowers stand for different meanings. One can choose to ink a single flower, branch, a whole tree, or a combination.

Floral designs look very beautiful and elegant on the collarbone area. Flowers signify many meanings, like beauty, vitality, femininity, love, and so on. There are wide options when it comes to floral tattoos.


music guitar tattoo 1
music guitar tattoo 2

There's no need to explain the significance of a guitar; it tells all about the passion that one has for music. A person who is devoted to music and its instruments chooses this design, which shows that his life is all about music.


heart tattoo 2
heart tattoo 3

A heart tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos, which stands for many meanings, such as love, passion, trust, life, emotions, and so on. A heart shows love for God, parents, spouse, children, and friends. It can be inked with a combination of flowers, sword, wings, angels, and many more to make it more attractive.

Music Note

music note tattoo
music note tattoo 1
music note tattoo 2

This is one more kind of design for the music lovers. One can get a single music note, or an entire sheet of music notes tattooed on their collarbone, which will speak about their passion for music. A music note has its own beauty and can be combined with an instrument as well.

Religious Symbols

religious symbols tattoo
religious symbols tattoo 1
religious symbols tattoo 2

Everyone has faith in their own culture and always wants to be protected and guarded by God. Many people choose to get a religious symbol inked to show their belief and love for their religion and God himself.


skull tattoo 1
skull tattoo 2
skull tattoo 3

Skull is a design which is mostly selected by men that stands for strength, power, and protection. It is also a symbol of death, so it also signifies the overcoming of death. It can be drawn with a number of combinations, like cross, wings, flowers, and so on.


snowflakes tattoo
snowflakes tattoo 1
snowflakes tattoo 2

Do you know that no two snowflakes are same in pattern? Hence, it is used to show specialty and uniqueness. This design is popular between men and women. A snowflake can be drawn alone or in numbers as each and every flake is different.


star tattoo
star tattoo 1

A star stands for truth and hope. There are many designs that one can choose to make their collarbone more appealing, like shooting stars, nautical stars, nanogram, septagram, hexagram, pentagram, and so on.


unicorn tattoo 1
unicorn tattoo 2

Unicorn is believed to be a magical creature, which is a symbol of goodness. It has also been a symbol of Christianity long before. This mythical creature also stands for free will, magical powers, and purity, which you can ink on your body.


zodiac tattoo
zodiac tattoo 1
zodiac tattoo 2

Zodiac tattoo designs are very popular with men and women, mostly among those who believe in astrology. Each sign of the zodiac has its own meaning, strength, weakness, and personalities. These designs are a great idea to show off on the collarbone.


The pain endured while getting a collarbone tattoo done is tremendous. Moreover, you need to take special care during the healing of neck and collarbone tattoos. Since the neck is a high-movement area, tattoos here take a longer time to heal as compared to other tattoos. Here are some of the points that you should keep in mind once you have inked yourself.
  • Talk with your tattoo artist about the oils and creams that you can use to heal the tattoo area.
  • Keep the bandage on till it is required, and change it when necessary.
  • Do not expose the tattoo to too much water in order to prevent any kind of infection.
  • While cleaning the tattoo, use a gentle soap, and pat the area with a clean towel.
  • Do not use any other lotion, or petroleum jelly to hasten the healing process.
To conclude, we can affirm that collarbone tattoos are quite eye-catching, and they certainly make you take a second look. If you want to get a wonderful collar tattoo, the above categories will definitely help your cause. Collarbone tattoo pain is a little more than engraving tattoos at any other place, as the collar area has a lot of bone structure including the spinal cord. However, all the pain and effort to get a collarbone tattoo are worth, since the end result is definitely fruitful!