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Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meaning
Unlike the west, in the east dragons are revered and worshiped as they are believed to possess the abilities to control the elements of wind, water and earth. For this reason, Chinese dragon tattoos are very popular throughout the world.
Indrajit Deshmukh
Chinese dragon tattoo designs are almost as old as the art of tattooing and have been captivating people from all walks of life. If you mention the word dragon the image of a big beast breathing fire through its nostrils comes to the mind. This is courtesy of block buster Hollywood films like 'Reign of Fire' and 'Eragon' which portray dragons fire-breathing beasts. If you have heard about dragon tattoos adorned by the mafia, you have heard correct. However, these are Japanese gangs known as the 'Yakuza' and mostly have wingless dragon tattoos on their body.
Dragons are considered to be the offspring of God and controllers of life in the Chinese culture and are worshiped. Dragon tattoos are gaining popularity in mainstream society and when done in color, these look really eye-catching. Most people who opt for dragon tattoos get them on their back or torso as these areas allow large designs.
For generations, dragon tattoos have captivated the imagination of the young and old. This mythical creature has been a part of folklore and adorns the body of many tattoo enthusiasts. New age tattoo artists have taken the dragon design to the next level. If you wish you can even get a tribal dragon tattoo design.
Celestial Dragon
The celestial dragon is the protector of Gods in heaven and represents protection from evil spirits. A lot of people get this enigmatic design as they believe that the dragon tattoo will protect them as it protects the Gods above. You can incorporate this design with the symbol of the sun or moon and have the dragon wrapped around it.
Coiled Dragon
The Chinese believed that the coiled dragon lives in the ocean and controls the water element. Some followers of the Buddhist religion believe that when the coiled dragons spirit is harmed we experience phenomenon like floods and tsunamis.
Earth Dragon
This design represents a strong connection with the land as the earth dragon is supposed to be the ruler of the earth. It also symbolizes power and is said to bring courage to the bearer of this design. If possible get a big design and show the dragon balancing itself on its tail. You can also show the earth dragon in a meditative pose.
Treasure Dragon
A dragon with a pearl under its chin is known as the treasure dragon and is supposed to bring wealth and fortune to the one who wears it. It is also known as the keeper of precious gems and metals. You can show the treasure dragon wrapped around an overflowing pot of gold. Another interesting modern design is to have the treasure dragon embossed on a currency note.
Knowledgeable Dragon
In Chinese mythology the yellow dragon represents scholarly knowledge and is associated with unparalleled wisdom. The Chinese believed that yellow is the center of everything and it also signifies good luck. One of the eye-catching designs of the modern-day dragon is to showcase it wearing reading glasses. You can also depict the yellow dragon resting under a tree with its head cushioned on its paws.
The color of the dragon also lends a meaning to the dragon design, a black dragon is said to be mysterious, while an azure dragon represents compassion. Just make sure you go to a good artist whose work you have seen as the dragon design is intricate. The Chinese dragon also represents strength, harmony, benevolence and is known to bring luck to the bearer.
Hand drawn dragon silhouette
Dragon holding pearl
Gold Chinese dragon
Vintage Dragon
Chinese Dragon