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Celtic Sleeve Tattoos

Medha Godbole Feb 6, 2019
Celtic tattoos are exquisite and look absolutely great. If you want to get yourselves inked and are damn serious about it, well, these are the way to go! Read on to know more about them.
If there is one thing that quite a few youngsters are going for, it is sleeve tattoos. These are becoming increasingly popular among the new generation.
More and more youngsters are going for them as a part of body art. These cover the upper part of the forearm, starting from the shoulder to the elbow. The most popular among these are the Celtic tattoos.
These tattoos go back a long way, to the cave paintings. These are intricate and mysterious and have a religious connection; but they are a mix of Christian and Druid beliefs. They are characterized by fine, interwoven or braided bands.
The Celtic cross and Shamrock are the best examples of the work by monks who introduced the Celts to written language. This has been preserved in Ireland's Trinity College, in its library.


These are by far the most common and dominant among Celtic-themed tattoos. Knots are without an end or a beginning. Therefore, you can start at any given point and then go with the flow of the loops to the point where the tattoo started.
These knots are supposed to portray the intertwining of physical and spiritual realm. It also reflects the endless continuity of life. To give you an example, you can choose a design involving a row of triquetra knots, representing perfect threefold unity. You can also have a row of Quaternary below that, which is a symbol of fourfold unity.

Animal Interlace

This is a variation of the basic design featuring knots. The only difference is that there is no uninterrupted connection and no unending loops. Rather, the cords of the knots commence and come to an end in an animal's feet, tail, and head.
This design is used to portray dog, scorpion, and the most popular - dragon. These are very much liked by those who have Welsh origins.


If you feel that a design of one knot is too simple, a combination of Celtic knots is one of the best bets. Small, large, winding, chain and full sleeve forearm tattoos can be formed by using two or more designs in tandem.
Spiky and thin monotones are amazing for creation of a variety of designs. Heart shape near the wrist, silhouette of a dragon down the outer arm and sun shape on the inner arm is a fantastic design.

Interesting Aspects

In case you do not want to go for anything random, maybe you can try to find out what is your Celtic birth sign and see what animal is associated with your birth date. Get that animal inked on!
Similarly, there are knots which display our connectivity with other humans as well as nature. If you want to show the strong bond you share with your friends and siblings, this is the one for you!
If you choose a tattoo which will be in tune with your persona and your mindset, it will be great. For that, probably you would need to research on the meanings of these tattoos.
Nevertheless, we hope now you would surely get inked without a wink! All the Best!