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Celtic Knot Tattoos

Celtic Knot Tattoos
Wearing Celtic knot tattoos can be a matter of style or may have some specific meanings. This article throws light on the various aspects of these tattoos and their meanings.
Stephen Rampur
The origin of Celtic knot tattoos is however not exactly known, but it is believed that these tattoos originated in 450 AD, approximately. The prominent characteristics that attract you to these tattoos are the mystical knots interwoven in the design. The knots are so intricately made that by looking at them you tend to get confused as to where the starting and ending points are.
A majority of tattoo enthusiasts sport these designs for fun and style, whereas others do so due to a special meaning related to their tattoo. Originally these were monochromatic, but with time many artists are creating new designs using multiple colors.
In the ancient times, the Celts used to believe that knot tattoo designs had some relation with nature, god, and other aspects. These knots were made for defeating the powers of evil. The Celts believed that the more intricate the knot got the more was their capacity in providing protection. The knots were also considered to be related to a never-ending life, with the interwoven knots being the life blended with a pattern of time and space. Similarly, different designs had different meanings.
Trinity Knot
Celtic trinity knot set
A Celtic trinity knot tattoo is a design which consists of one single strand that is interwoven in itself to form a three-sided pattern. This design has different meanings in different communities. Christians believe that this design is a representation of the 'Trinity' which includes God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In the Pagan community, the design resembles perfect harmony of the mind, soul, and body. People of today's times believe that there are many meanings to the three-sided pattern such as past, present, and the future or land, sea, and sky.
Knot Cross
Celtic Cross
A typical appearance of Celtic knot cross tattoo is a cross placed on a circle, with many intricately woven strands in the cross. The traditional name given to this type of design is the Cross of Iona. Roman Catholics believe that it is a representation of God's eternal love for mankind. According to the Pagans, the cross relates to the four directions. To make the design more prominent, you can even add calligraphy and delicate filigree to it.
Love Knot
Celtic Abstract Heart Border
Celtic love knots consist of two strands or may even have four strands interwoven together to add a certain significance to the meaning. If the design is made using just two strands, the knot resembles love between two lovers. Celtic heart knot tattoos are designs that are in the shape of a heart and strands interwoven within them. These intricately woven hearts are the best options for women as they look delicate, yet complete. There are many other designs and shapes such as the triple drop love knot, four love knot, and the serpent love knot.