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Celtic Heart Tattoo Designs

Celtic Heart Tattoo Designs

If you are looking out for some cute and meaningful tattoo designs, then Celtic heart tattoos might be the right choice for you.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
With so many designs coming up in the market, selecting one is a real tough choice for any person who is new to the tattoo world. Though there are thousands of different patterns, most of them are related or rather connected to a certain main category. For example; rose, lily, and lotus belong to the flower tattoo category; hummingbird, owl, etc., belong to the bird tattoo category and so on. Along with these, there are two ancient categories which are very popular, viz. Celtic tattoos and tribal tattoos. Like the others, these two categories are also made up of various designs, but all of them include some specific pattern that is an identity of these categories, especially Celtic.

Unlike any other, Celtic tattoos are mainly made of four patterns; knots, crosses, spirals, and step work. Any of their tattoos will have at least one of these patterns in it. As the name suggests, knots and cross designs are made of knot and cross respectively whereas spirals are interconnected circles and step work is a pattern of straight lines which look like steps. If you are making your own pattern, you can also include all the four patterns in it. Moreover, these four patterns have different meanings, so it is better to know the meaning before getting any of them done.

There are not many designs available. However, you can come up with new ones anytime. The following are some ideas that might be helpful.
Celtic Heart with Spirals
This type is simple and consists of a heart surrounded by intricate spiral patterns. Mostly, Celtic tattoos are black and white in color, however other colors can be added. For example, you can get a pink heart surrounded by black spirals. Their meaning is based on the direction that the spirals spin. If they open or spin on the right side, it is said to symbolize the sun and heaven. This is because the right side spinning is a clockwise spinning, which is exactly like the spinning of the sun. And if the spirals are opening or spinning in the left direction, it is said to symbolize the Earth because the left side spinning is in the anti-clockwise direction, which is said to be related to the Earth.
Claddagh Tattoo
Claddagh can be considered as one of the best symbols of love. When it comes to this type, the first image that comes to anyone's mind is the famous crowned heart, which is not only used in tattoos but also engraved in wedding rings. A claddagh is a crowned heart which is gently held by two hands. As most other heart tattoos, this also symbolizes love. The hands and the crown also have a meaning; the hands symbolize friendship and the crown stands for loyalty. Generally three colors, red, black, and white are used for the same, however you can add as many colors as you want. This being a medium to large-sized one, looks best on the upper or lower back, arm, and the nape.
Celtic Heart Knot Tattoo:
These are one of the unique types. The Celtic knots generally represent a never-ending process, and it symbolizes the eternal connection between two things. So, when the Celtic heart is engraved with the help of knots, it obviously means a never-ending bond with a loved one. They are also done by people with heart diseases. When such a meaning is intended, the heart is shown stitched or with a bandage. The classic black and white color suits it the best. Talking about their location, this can be done anywhere right from the ankle to the nape. Choose a location where it can be easily visible.
You can consider the aforementioned ideas to choose one for yourself. However, make sure to take proper care of the same so as to avoid any infection.