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Capricorn Tattoo Designs

Capricorn Tattoo Designs
Tattoo designs for the zodiac sign Capricorn should be such that they reinforce the qualities of hard work, ambition, and patience. Read the following article for information on their traits as well as some of their tattoo designs.
Aastha Dogra
Believers of astrology say that our lives are influenced by the heavenly bodies. They propagate that all the things happening to us are because of some changes taking place in the planets, moon, and sun.These ideas are bought by majority of us. That's why most of the cultures have their own take on the zodiac and follow astrology, though maybe with some other name. In America, Greek-Roman zodiac is the most famous. It has twelve astrological signs with each one representing a particular month of the year. It is believed that people belonging to the same sign have the same nature, values, traits, strengths, etc. Capricorn is the tenth sign of this zodiac.
If you are planning on getting a Capricorn tattoo design on your body, then here is some information on the kind of designs you can opt for.
This sign is represented by the mythological goat named Amalthea who was honored by Zeus, the Greek God for giving him milk when he was a child. This sign is ruled by Saturn, the second largest planet of the solar system.
Capricorns are known to be very conventional in their behavior. They believe in working hard and show consistency in whatever they do. They understand the value of time and thus, never waste it. They are steady in their relationships and prefer the traditional man-woman roles, i.e. the man as the provider of the family and the woman as the one who brings up children and takes care of the household. Generally, people who support or agree with these traits and values go for this tattoo.
Capricorns are very private people who also value their personal pride. This trait is translated in the designs which exhibit a goat who stands proudly, with a calm, far away look in its eyes. They are very helpful by nature as long as somebody has not wronged them in any way. They are also very quiet and believe in 'doing rather than talking'. A Capricorn will seldom be a part of any loud confrontations and believes in minding his/her own business. Even in parties or social get-togethers, the goats will be standing on the side and waiting to be introduced to the 'important people'. Further, they prefer to talk to people with some sort of authority. The designs should be such that it exhibits all these qualities of the goat. The designs should be free of clutter or frivolousness just like the Capricorns.
Placement, Pattern, and Colors
Capricorn tattoo designs can be sported anywhere on the body. The most preferred areas are arms, lower back, shoulders, chest, ankles, and feet.
You can get yourself inked with either a tribal Capricorn design or a celtic one. Celtic ones for men are much more intricately made and have a rich history behind them. On the other hand, the tribal ones are more popular with youngsters. This is because these designs are really innovative. In tribal ones, the Capricorn sign is combined with designs of flowers, hearts, crosses, skulls, stars, moon, and sun.
Sometimes, this sign is combined with some other sun sign of the zodiac, and a heart is inked in between to link both the signs. This tribal design is widely sported by people in committed relationships. Tribal designs are mostly carved with black ink and have a very aggressive look, so such designs for men should be placed either on the arm or on the chest and for the women, on the lower back.
Capricorn tattoos are carved in many colors, such as yellow, red, green, purple, orange, black, gray, and green. Out of these, black and gray are the ones which really bring out the Capricorn traits of seriousness and conventionality. Thus, these colors are popularly used.
It is believed that the one who is born under a particular sun sign should only sport that particular sign's tattoo. However, that's far from the truth. If you believe in the Capricorn qualities of hard work, seriousness, discipline, ambition, professionalism, and patience, then you can sport its tattoo designs on your body even if you belong to some other sign of the zodiac.
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