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Cancer Tattoos for Girls

Cancer Tattoos for Girls
Born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, this tattoo option is getting really famous. Read about what Cancer tattoos for girls are in this year and what does it mean to bear one...
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Body art modification, a.k.a. tattoos, have always been perceived as one of the best ways to express your individual self. When you want the world to notice and acknowledge your identity and existence, nothing says it better than your tattoos. Speaking a thousand words, tattoos have become a part of our everyday lifestyle. Today, you will find hundreds and thousands of youth getting themselves inked with popular tattoo designs. One such choice is the zodiac tattoo. People who are born between certain months of the year are assigned specific zodiac signs and that is the basis of why someone would want to have a tattoo of the same.

Cancer tattoos fall under the same category. Now since the new zodiac signs have created an upheaval among everyone, the exact months for the Cancer zodiac tattoos have changed. According to the new dates, people born between July 20 to August 10 are under the Cancer sign. But if you wish to follow the old zodiac signs, then those born between June 21 to July 22 will be under this sign. Well, we won't get into the debate of the zodiac signs and concentrate on the Cancer tattoos for girls. So let's move on with our article and see what options you have to represent your true Cancer traits.

Tattoos for Girls

The Cancer sign stands 4th in the zodiac chart and is associated with the element of water. If you are aware or have little knowledge about zodiac signs, then you'll know that there are 2 symbols that represent Cancer; one is the Crab and the other is the Cancer glyph. Both these signs are very popular and have been incorporated in various tattoo designs. In the following section, we will learn a little about each of these symbols and their significance.

Cancer Tattoo ~ The Crab
You will find that a lot of girls have tattoos of the crab on their shoulder blades, either sides of their navels, just above the ankles, or on their lower backs. That is so because these locations are one of the most popular choices for Cancer tattoos. With various shapes and sizes of the crab, this tattoo is inked either in black or any other color combination. The final decision on the tattoo design for the crab lies entirely up to the wearer as it depends highly on personal selection. So you can choose either the image of a real crab or try something completely different like a tribal design.

Every tattoo has a reason, a purpose for the wearer because it tells a story about that individual and the life she may have led. So when girls choose the crab as their tattoo, it usually means that they are emotional, loving, and imaginative; because that's what the crab in this zodiac sign symbolizes. A lot of times, the zodiac sign and tattoo have a very thin line of symbolism as the main reason is to show the individual's own characteristics and personality traits.

Cancer Tattoo ~ The Glyph
The second symbol, which is quite popular, is the Cancer glyph. To recognize this symbol, think of a mirror image of the number 6 (looks like a 6 and 9) or two lowercase 'b' letters facing opposite one another. The glyph is often integrated with the crab or is inked by its own. With its simple and uncomplicated design, the glyph tattoo design looks attractive and fascinating on girls. Oftentimes, girls include beautiful flowers, vines, breast cancer ribbons, wings, or even butterflies. As I mentioned before, the final design can be unique and will vary from one person to the next as it all depends on personal wishes. The Cancer glyph is looked upon as an individual who has a dual nature, is emotional, proud, and moody. Well, whatever the meaning of this tattoo may be, its popularity is increasing day by day and more girls are looking to get themselves inked with the glyph.

Whichever tattoo you choose, the crab or the Cancer glyph, remember that a tattoo is a lifetime of commitment. Once you get it on your skin, it is very painful and difficult to remove it. So make the decision after selecting the right design for yourself and think as many times as you can before you go ahead. Find a professional tattoo artist to ink the tattoo and take care of the tattoo afterward.
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