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Bull Tattoos for Men

Bull Tattoos for Men
Bull tattoos for men have gained immense popularity since today's generation has started taking keen interest in tattoo art. This article gives you some of the popular bull tattoo designs.
Saptakee Sengupta
Tattoos have always been a trend since people look at tattooing as a means of self expression. The art of tattooing has captured the hearts of millions around the world. The kind of tattoo you wear is symbolic of your personality and character. The bull tattoo is one such representation of masculine traits and is adorned by the male folks at large. The bull is an important cultural symbol and its significance and meaning change from one culture to another. It symbolizes the zodiac sign Taurus and this earthy creature is known to possess strength, which is commonly a quality that bull tattoos for men symbolize. However there are exceptions. Continue reading to find out more.
Bull Tattoo Designs for Men
If you study the traits of Taurus, you will find that the bull stands for hardworking nature, strength and patience. The bull is angered only when provoked, but once angry, it can become savage. Men wearing a bull tattoo often do it to portray these attributes. With time, many new tattoo forms have evolved, yet retaining the purity of the bull symbol.
  • Tribal Bull: It is engraved in an artistic way demonstrating the bull in its furious form. The horns are curved subtly at the end with its head slightly raised or bent low. Tribal bull tattoos when inked in Gothic style behold sensuousness and crude beauty.
  • Bull Skull: Nostrils flared, sharp horns projecting outward, fiery eyes, clenched jaw and fuming with anger! This is how a bull skull tattoo looks. The right place for wearing a bull skull is the nape of the shoulders and the arms. If you think you possess these behavioral traits, then this tattoo would be the perfect choice for you.
  • Fighter Bull: A fighter bull tattoo is shown in an attacking position. The hooves are thrown up in the air, with its tail rigid and sniffing nose. With this intensely ferocious look, the bull is in action and ready to pounce on. If you have the fighter's attitude and wish to flaunt it, the fighter bull would be a great option for you.
  • Mexican Bull: The Mexican bull is one of the most popular traditional tattoo forms popular since ages. The bull is represented by its skull. If the surface area on which the tattoo is to be etched is more, both skull and body of the bull are inked. The bull nose ring is a unique element that is incorporated in this tattoo. The Mexican bull is also a representation of anger, wrath and violence.
  • Timid Bull: Quite contrary to the symbolism explained above, timidity and gentleness are symbolized in this tattoo design by an image where the bull is static with its eyes half closed. Celestial bodies like, the moon and stars surround the bull drawing and often, a cross is also included in the design. This particular symbol suits men bearing typical Taurian traits.
  • Abstract Bull: Abstract bull tattoos are simple and trendy. Unlike common bull tattoos containing well-defined features, an abstract bull tattoo is presented by a circle attached with a U-shaped sketch to the tops depicting its head and horns, respectively. It looks best when inked on the wrist or feet.
Thus, you can see that each tattoo has a specific symbolism that is further accentuated by the nature of the person wearing it. If you delve deeper into the meaning of bull tattoos, you will probably understand the religious beliefs associated with it. It's a versatile tattoo form that connects attributes of human beings with the divine. The kind of tattoo you want to wear is absolutely your own personal choice. To get the right expression, make sure you get it inked by an expert tattoo artist. Bull tattoos for men need not always be brutal and fiery; a calm and gentle bull could also be portrayed.
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