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Bull Tattoo Ideas

Bull Tattoo Ideas
Tattoos interest many, and each one wants to be different with the design. If aggression and strength is what you want to convey, a bull tattoo is worth considering. This is because, bulls are known for their aggression and strength.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Tattoos catch the fancy of one and all, especially the fashion crazy teenagers. Ink designs on the skin look trendy and fabulous, and thus ups the style quotient of the bearer. Apart from their style appeal, tattoos are a good means of expression. Each person has a different reason for getting the skin inked, like for some it carries an emotional aspect, and for some it is a means of expression. But for the majority, it is a way to look stylish.
The tattoo a person has, indirectly conveys a lot about him / her, and one can surely find something about the person from the tattoo he or she sports. A lot of thinking goes in finding the right tattoo design, as it should suit the personality, and convey something about the person. Through a tattoo, most of the boys love to portray themselves as aggressive, sporty and powerful, and if you are one of those boys, a bull tattoo is perfect for you.
The reason why bull tattoos are preferred by boys is that, bulls signify fieriness, aggression and virility. Boys love to show themselves the same, and so on most of the instances you would find only boys sporting these tattoos, or searching for the ideas. Bulls, in some cultures, hold a position of reverence, and are known to be protective animals. All of you also must be aware that a bull symbolizes the Taurus zodiac sign. So the design is a good idea for Taureans, especially. In short, it conveys virility, physical strength, determination, helpfulness, and power.
Each one of us wants to be different from the rest, and this human tendency also goes for tattoos. How sad it would feel when you find that, the person next to you on the garden bench sports the same tattoo as you! So I feel, it is better to opt for temporary inking, rather than going for permanent tattoos. It avoids the cosmetic surgery part, and you can break the feeling of monotony that comes with the tattoo, as the days pass. Well, this is not a part of our discussion. The choice to get a permanent or temporary tattoo, and where on the body should it be done, entirely depends on the person getting it.
  • Aggressively Running Bull: If aggression is the aspect you want to convey, think about going for a tattoo of a bull with an aggressive 'I will hit you now' face, in the running position, with hooves up from the ground level. It carries a sense of fear with it, and people would regard you as a fighter and protector, apart from considering you as an aggressive person.
  • Fighter Bull: This one is the typical bull as you imagine it. The horns curled and in the attacking position, and the nostrils flared up. It looks great on the shoulder or on the wrist.
  • Fierce Bull Face: Highlight only the bull's face. If fierceness is what you want to convey, go for red ink to highlight the eyes. Make sure that all the key features of the bulls, that is the horns, nostrils and eyes are esthetically done. A snorting bull conveys deep anger and expression.
  • Other Ideas: A bull is also a creature, and is sometimes timid in its mood. In the background use some stars, and other celestial objects, to give the feeling of mystery (this one can be done by girls). How about writing some short punchy lines below the bull picture, like 'born to win' or 'I am a fighter' or 'demon'? It would look cool. You can also use different colors to make the tattoo look more attractive. Give preference to use red color, as it signifies danger and aggression. If not the phrase, you can inscribe your name above or below the tattoo.
Remember, tattoos once done are always there to stay with you. So think twice before you get a tattoo done. Hope you find the ideas useful. So what are you waiting for? Get a bull tattoo done, and flaunt your wild aggression!
Angry bull with attacking pose
Angry bull attacking
Angry bull head