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Bull Tattoo Designs

Bull Tattoo Designs
The bull has always been a symbol of fierce, masculine strength. If you wish to get this creature as a tattoo, use some of these design ideas, with an explanation of its symbolism.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018
We are all aware that tattoos are a form of self-expression. The kind we get is what that portrays our unique personality to the world. A bull tattoo is one such symbolic design that speaks a lot about the male personality. This animal has its place in several distinct cultures, both in mythological and symbolic ways. It has also been worshiped and has also been sacrificed to mother Earth and different gods. That is how deep the symbolism of this ferocious animal is, and these are the meanings that you can portray by getting yourself any of these designs mentioned below.
Design Ideas
To depict your uniqueness through this design, take a look at some of the ways in which it can be represented on different parts of your body:
Decorative Bull Tattoo
Bull Head Tattoo
Bull Mascot Tattoo
Taurus Symbol Tattoo
  • Have a bull with its horns surrounded by stars, while its tail spread out as the rays of the Sun. This combines its association with both, the Sun and the Moon.
  • Depict a charging bull, with wind blowing from its nostrils, and its hooves, pounding the Earth to depict its fiery nature.
  • In several instances, these creatures have been compared to lions, as both are protectors of herds in their own ways. As such, you can combine the two together and have a tattoo with each of them facing each other.
  • You can also get a Taurus design that represents the zodiac sign.
  • Another depiction is to get the Minotaur, a creature belonging to Greek mythology, which had the head of a bull, but a human torso. This is an interesting representation of masculinity.
  • To depict heroism, have the one charging out of a storm of dust.
  • Due to its association with thunder and lightning, you could even get yourself a tattoo that shows a charging bull, with lightning in the backdrop, and perhaps, some cracks in the Earth as a finishing touch.
  • Women who wish to get one can have one that depicts a woman riding a bull.
Where you wish to portray these representations is a completely personal choice. It also depends on the size of the tattoo you wish to get. However, some interesting suggestions to place one are on the shoulder blade. A large one will have a better impact here. Another interesting suggestion, particularly for men, is to have it on the chest. As sleeve tattoos, these would make a great choice. Even, the lower back and the hip are apt places for the same. Lastly, the ankle could also be adorned with one.
As mentioned above, these tattoos depict impulsiveness, strength, power, resurrection, kingship, fertility, and are also a symbol of the zodiac sign, Taurus. But, there is more to this fiery creature:
  • It is considered to be both, a solar and lunar creature. Because it represents fertility and plays the role of a father of the herd, and its fiery nature, it has been treated as a Sun god among several cultures. On the other hand, its crescent-shaped horn connects it to Moon worship in some ways.
  • As a Sun god, it represents the heaven and fire, while as a Moon god, it represents the Earth, water, the night, and death.
  • Its blood has been considered to be useful in fertilizing the Earth, which is why it was sacrificed in several cultures.
  • A bull tattoo also symbolizes the domestication of a wild animal to serve man and the victory of intellect over brute strength.
  • In the Irish culture, to call a warrior, a bull is a compliment that displays his heroism. Here, it also represented tyranny, death, brutality, and even lust.
  • As a symbol of death, in countries like India, princes and kings were cremated in bull-shaped coffins.
  • Its thunderous roar and windy breath have been compared to thunder and other calamities in nature. It is thus a symbol of all these uncontrollable calamities that befall nature.
  • In the Hindu religion, it is a symbol of fertility, further strengthened by its association to heat, fire, and the Sun. The white bull that belonged to Lord Shiva symbolizes justice.
With all that this wild animal represents, getting yourself this tattoo would then be the perfect expression of the symbolism you would like to portray.
Decorative bull tattoo
Decorative indian bull scull in tribal style
Angry bull
Black bull tattoo
Angry red bull mascot
As mentioned above, how and what you wish to portray with it is a personal choice. But remember, similar to bull tattoos, several other ones have a deep symbolic meaning, and learning about their symbolism and applying one in a manner that is suitable for you is what that makes body art, the perfect form of self-expression.