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20 Breathtaking Steampunk Tattoo Ideas

20 Breathtaking Steampunk Tattoo Ideas
Steampunk is making a comeback, and what a comeback! So have you been a fan of this splendid steam-inspired style, and want to flaunt your love in a rather funky way? Then get a quirky, but cool steampunk tattoo for yourself. ThoughtfulTattoos has 20 breathtaking tattoo ideas for you. Take your pick....
Buzzle Staff
"Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts."
― Michael Biondi
When Victorian charm meets futuristic science fiction, the results are no doubt going to be fantabulous! Steampunk has truly arrived on the fashion scene, and it is here to stay. You love the grandeur, charm, funkiness, and quirkiness that comes with it, don't you? Well then, flaunt it!

Small or large, bold or subtle, beautiful or quirky, you can flaunt any steampunk tattoo anywhere on the body. For people who are looking for fun tattoos without a deep meaning or preachy quotes, steampunk is one of the best options to go in for.

There are so many design ideas that you are sure to be spoiled for choice. Right from gears, clocks, Victorian girls, owls, machines, hearts, to dragonflies, we have it all. So browse through these breathtaking steampunk tattoo design ideas, and flaunt one style!
The Mechanics of Emotion!
Man is nothing but a machine, an emotional machine to be specific. These two designs tend to highlight the machine-inspired look of steampunk, along with some beautiful symbolism.
Back Steampunk
Moon Steampunk
Say it with Animals!
Steampunk owl tattoos are very popular. But, that doesn't mean you restrict yourself just to it; jazz up your favorite animal with some gears, cogs, or some Victorian accessories, and you'll have your steampunk animal tattoo.
Owl steampunk
Steampunk Cat Face
Artistic Touch!
When it comes to steampunk, even insects are not spared; dragonfly or butterfly designs are all the rage. These look beautiful, as you can make them artistic. Perfect for those who like steampunk, but want to keep it minimal as well.
Dragonfly steampunk
Artistic steampunk
Go Gears!
Gears, cogs, cogwheels, you can go absolutely nuts with them. Full back or sleeve tattoos with lots of gears and other machine-inspired elements look stunning. Simple, small ones like the ones shown below look breathtaking as well.
Gears steampunk
Small steampunk
Funk it Up!
If you love pinup girl tattoos, then why not try a sexy Victorian girl. Skulls are one of the most popular elements in tattoos. No wonder, since they can be paired with almost any design. These are not your typical steampunk designs, but funky versions, definitely worth a look.
Girl steampunk
Skull steampunk
Steamy Affair!
Steampunk is all about steam power. You can add some steam to a cute heart tattoo, or get a steam-machine heart done. Another great option is a mechanical heart design, with gears and clogs.
Heart steampunk
Man steampunk
And More Options...
You can also get a tattoo with a single steampunk element. Clocks, mechanical hearts, keys, machines, your initials, lucky numbers, or anything else you like. Even if you have any other tattoo, you can add any of these elements to make it into a steampunk tattoo.
Steampunk design gun
Steampunk design clock
Steampunk design heart
Steampunk design key
Steampunk design m
Steampunk design seven
Steampunk design idea
Steampunk design girl
Steampunk tattoos are very rare, and only for those who like it bold and offbeat. After all, not everyone can handle the quirkiness that comes with them. So, do take some time to contemplate before getting one done for yourself.