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Biker Tattoos for Men

Biker Tattoos for Men
Biker tattoos have long been associated with masculinity and freedom, enticing people from different backgrounds to these designs. In the early 80s and 90s, the art of tattooing was restricted to bikers and rock stars but today has precipitated into mainstream society.
Indrajit Deshmukh
Tattoo art has been in existence since centuries and has evoked mixed emotions from society. A few decades ago it was associated mostly with biker gangs and all things criminal. Today however, things have changed with TV shows dedicated to this form of art. If you are a tattoo enthusiast looking for different design to ink on your body, then you should give biker tattoos a shot. Biker tattoos have long been part of urban legends and are instant eye turners.
Biker tattoo designs like the skull and wings have been replicated in different form and have been incorporated with other designs and lettering styles. One piece of advice before we get into the different designs is, choose your design after careful consideration as the art form is permanent. Picking a good tattoo artist who will do justice to the design is also important, make sure that you see the artist's work before you decide to go under the needle.
Motorcycle manufacturers Harley Davidson have long been associated with making quality machines, and the company's logo has been inked by many bike aficionados. The lifestyle of a biker is synonymous with freedom, and many times you see related words inked alongside images of motorbikes and engines. Here are a few suggestions, which you can ink as given or tamper with them to suit your style.
Wing Tattoos
The wing design is very popular among bikers mostly because it represents a free spirit of the biker. One of the ways to ink the wings is to show them coming out from the side of a bike which has your name engraved on the gas tank. A skull with a chain hanging from its teeth and two large wings for ears is another design that you could try.
Skull Tattoos
Morbid looking skulls are preferred by many bikers to represent an element of danger that persists in the lifestyle. A Rambo knife splitting the skull symmetrically in two halves is one of the skull designs that you could opt for. A skull gagged with a bandanna and the words 'live and let die' embossed in front also makes for a good tattoo idea.
Bike Tattoos
Showcasing the bike as a symbol of movement and freedom on two wheels is inked by many people who have embraced the biker lifestyle. The image of a biker with a flaming head wearing sunglasses and riding a chopper is a good tattoo idea. A voluptuous redhead leaning against the handle bar of a Harley Davidson is another design that you could ink.
Cross Tattoos
Inking an intricately designed cross on the bicep or forearm is one of the most popular tattoo theme among bikers. A cross with a snake coiled around and the words 'Die in Heaven' emblazoned on it, makes for a good design. Another way is to have a cross on a necklace made out of a bike's chain and hanging around the neck of a helmet.
Tribal Tattoos
One of the unique tattoo idea is to incorporate motorcycle parts with tribal designs. Showcase the blueprint of an engine surround by interwoven long flowing lines across your shoulder. Another idea is to have the handle bars and head light of a bike done in dark shading on your back. If you want you can get your bike manufacturers logo done in a tribal theme on your body.
When getting a biker tattoo let your imagination run wild and use bright colors for your designs. One last suggestion, pick a tattoo parlor which has a reputation for using sterilized equipment otherwise you will be at risk of catching an infection.
Skull in motorcycle helmet with fire