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9 Thrilling Bat Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Surprising Meanings

9 Bat Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Meanings
Bats are usually associated with darkness, evil, misfortune, and even death! Why would anyone sport a tattoo of such a creature, right? Well, to your surprise, the symbolism of bats extends to far more than malefic. ThoughtfulTattoos will give you 9 bat tattoo designs and their meanings so that you can take a stand on whether you are a bat person or not.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017
Blood-sucking Creatures, Aren't They?
Out of the 900+ species of bats that exist, only 3 species are known to survive by drinking blood. These are: The common vampire bat, the white-winged vampire bat, and the hairy-legged vampire bat. The first one feeds on mammal (livestock) blood, while the other two on prey birds. Not that scary after all, are they?
There are two ways in which bats are perceived: The first involves science and facts; and the second involves what myths, legends, and folklore claim them to be. While there are a wide range of beliefs associated with a bat, a vast majority of those associations are dominated by evil and doom. This is the reason why any dark art is incomplete without the image of a bat. Be it Halloween, witchcraft, black magic, or demonic rituals, this creature is always depicted in the midst of the moonlight, leafless trees, and sinful darkness. But this wasn't always the case.

When it comes to tattoos, bat tattoos are sported by those who can somehow identify with the existence of this creature. In fact, bats are also considered to be as shamans that can link the spiritual world to the underworld. There are many aspects to the existence of this being, and to your surprise, some are very positive and inspiring. The following section will take you through the various symbolism of bats and some great ideas that can be implemented as a tattoo.
9 Awesome Bat Tattoo Designs with Meanings
What your bat tattoo would mean will largely depend upon the way it has been inked. You can make it look as evil, deadly, dangerous, or as cute, adorable, and friendly as you like. Generally, it has been observed that women tend to opt for the cute, romantic version of the bat, probably a lot of it has to do with the highly-acclaimed and loved Twilight Series, where the character of the super good-looking vampire Edward Cullen has made almost half of the girls in the world fall in love with a vampire! On the other hand, men generally opt for a highly-detailed design with bold stokes and shading. Take a look at some popular designs and the reasons why people get them done.
Batman Tattoo Design―For Batman Fans
Batman tattoo on chest
Who doesn't know about Batman? Everyone! But not everyone is a die-hard fan of this superhero―competition is fierce with Spiderman, Superman, Ironman, and many other superheroes in the line. Batman is represented by this classic silhouette on this beautiful yellow background! While it is definitely an epic design to ink on yourself, you can also opt for something different so as to reflect your true craze for this superhero.
Wu Fu (Five Luck) Bats―The Key to Happiness
In China, Wu Fu bats are referred to the 5 bats that signify the 5 ways to happiness. These are: Longevity, Wealth, Health, Peace, and Good Death. Contrary to common belief, the Chinese consider bats to be auspicious. In fact, the posters of Wu Fu bats are placed on doors to attract good luck and fortune. This is because the Chinese character of bat also happens to be the same character for good luck.
Upside Down Bat Tattoo―Arrival of Luck
Upside down bat tattoo
Continuing from the symbolism mentioned above, when a bat is placed upside down in Chinese culture, it represents arrival of good luck. Interestingly, the sounds made by the words that indicate 'upside down' and 'to arrive' are the same in Chinese. Therefore, keeping this implication in mind, this tattoo design would imply that good luck has arrived in your life.
Tribal Bat Tattoo―Clarity, Rebirth, Intuition, Nature's Strength
Tribal bat tattoo design
The tribes including those of the Native Americans and the Mayans held high regard for the bat in spite of considering it to be a trickster spirit. They respected it for its ability to see clearly in the dark and often invoked its spirit when they needed to see during the night. Alternately, this mammal also implies to be the bearer of clarity during the dark times. The bat was also considered to be a symbol of rebirth, because it lived deep inside the caves (belly of the Earth) and came out every night, as if reborn. This tattoo is also apt if you are an intuitive individual and are highly aware of your surroundings. In other words, you are able to decipher what others fail to see.
Multiple Bats Tattoo―Motherhood and Fertility
Woman With Beautiful Hairstyle
Bats symbolize fertility, sex, and lust, and there are various myths and legends that testify the same. One such instance being associated with the illustrious Pliny the Elder, who stated that keeping the blood of a bat under a woman's pillow acts as an aphrodisiac. They also symbolize motherhood and fertility. Bats being mammals suckle their young ones. They are also highly social and active in communication, touching, and sensing their family members.
Bat Wings on Skull and Crown―Afterlife and Underworld
Bat Winged Skull
It is no secret that a bat is a creature of the dark, it is the only time when it comes out to hunt, when the rest of the world is fast asleep. The Kaqchikel (Maya) people stated that the bat was nothing but a dead sinner who is ruled by the devil, and hence, works for him. Another popular folklore in the Oaxacan mythology states a story that once God had pity on the bat and asked each bird to offer a feather to it so that it could keep itself warm and look beautiful. Upon doing so, the bat looked extremely beautiful and had powers to spread colors to the sky. It became proud and arrogant, and therefore, God took away all its feathers, and it was forced to retrieve to a cave. This story is quite similar to the story of Lucifer, the once beautiful angel who fell from Heaven because of his pride. Even in Christianity, the wings of the fallen angel have been described as bat wings. Many times, a crown is also added to this tattoo theme to depict that a bat is the ruler of the Underworld.
Contemporary Bat Tattoo―Nocturnal Way of Life
Beautiful Woman Legs In Classic Casual Shoes Summer Nature
Another reason why you would want to get a bat tattoo can be as simple as the fact that you are a night person and most of your life is spent roaming during the nights. It could be because you work a night shift, or perhaps someone who loves to party all night! A bat tattoo can reflect this and perhaps act as a companion that helps you see clearly while you are out in the darkness of night.
Realistic Bat Tattoo―Reflecting One's Inner Darkness
We all have two sides to our personality, the good and the evil, the right and the wrong, the light and the dark. They say that we are who we choose to be, and the part that dominates us is the part we feed and nourish through our acts. Let's face it, most people are attracted towards the bad, the dark, the evil. A bat tattoo could reflect this inner side of darkness, that we all tend to have, and reflect clarity about your own existence.
Realistic Bat Tattoo―Reflecting One's Inner Darkness
Bat Flying
We all have two sides to our personality, the good and the evil, the right and the wrong, the light and the dark. They say that we are who we choose to be, and the part that dominates us is the part we feed and nourish through our acts. Let's face it, most people are attracted towards the bad, the dark, the evil. A bat tattoo could reflect this inner side of darkness, that we all tend to have, and reflect clarity about your own existence.
Cartoon-ish Bat Tattoo―Admiration and Respect
Cute bat tattoo
Well, for many, bats are far from deadly and evil. Many adore them for their cuteness. Yes, we think they are cute, especially when you ink them as a cartoon character. Their cute little fangs and their adorable huge round eyes are too endearing! Such a depiction of this creature shows that you respect it for its existence, admire it for its strength, and that you prefer to see its nice side over what others have to say. There are 900 minus 3 species that don't thirst for blood, after all. On the other hand, this tattoo can also depict your personality. That you're cute but deadly!
There could be many reasons for you to get a bat tattoo done. However, get it done only if you highly connect with this symbolism as many people will frown upon this tattoo because of the widely-believed association of this creature with evil.