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Designs for Barbed Wire Tattoos That Showcase Inner Strength

Barbed Wire Tattoo Designs
The latest trend in the world of tattoos are barbwire tattoos. Other than the look of this design, there are various other reasons why people opt for barbed wire tattoos. They signify physical toughness as well as mental strength.
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Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
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A tattoo is a reflection of one's personality. Therefore, a lot of thought process goes in, when one has to choose a tattoo design. Certain designs have special significance in a person's life, while sometimes people opt for certain designs, only because of the meaning attached to the design or because of look of the design. There are some tattoo designs, which have been popular for many years and there are some designs, which are coming into prominence now. One such design, which has come into prominence lately is the barbed wire tattoo design. These tattoos are also known as barbwire tattoos. It became very popular because it is seen as a depiction of a strong inner self.
The barbed wire has been used to fence homes, animal enclosures, fields, etc., in order to keep predators at bay. Barbed wires have sharp edges at regular intervals. Since these wires have sharp spikes, if an animal or a human being tries to cross it, the wire can pierce the skin of the person or animal. It was also used in context of human beings. Places like prisons and other penal institutions also secure their property with this wire. It is used to prevent people from escaping out of the institutions. Looped coils of barbed wire or razor wire is often seen at the top of the fence surrounding the area.
What do Barbed Wire Tattoos Mean?
Since, barbed wire are known for the extremely prickly and strong features, a barbed wire tattoo can show that the tattoo bearer has the same nature. In some sense it may be used to show physical strength along with the sheer grit and determination. A person who has strong inner strength often chooses to get this tattoo made. At the same time, people with tough attitudes towards everything in life can also opt for this tattoo design. There is another meaning attached to this tattoo, which is of its association with the Wild Wild West. According to some experts, these tattoos were used to represent the taming of the West.
Barbed Wire Tattoo Designs
The design of the tattoo will depend on the part of the body, where the tattoo will be carved. There are number of variations that can be made in these tattoo designs. These chain patterned tattoo designs go well for both men and women. Well built triceps and biceps in men enhance the beauty of the tattoo and give it more sturdy look.
There are two different designs, which can be made using the barbwire. The first of them is the intertwined barbed design and the other one is the spiked barbed wire design. Depending upon your liking, you can decide any one of the designs for your tattoo. This tattoo design is popular not just with the menfolk but with the women folk as well. Women usually get one that has fine delicate design without losing the raw look. Among women it was popularized by Pamela Anderson.
Barbed Wire and Heart
Since barbwire tattoo resembles a chain patterned design, it can also be combined with other chain pattern designs to give it a raw, yet some sophisticated appearance. Other than the chain patterns, it can also be combined with some other designs. It makes a great combination with cow skull or horse tattoo. This combination will give the tattoo design a cowboy theme as well. If you are into biking, then you may choose to make the barbed wire along with flames. It can also be combined with heart tattoo with flames encircling the heart. Another favorite design is the combination of rose tattoo along with the barbwire. The tattoo can be a simple continuous barbed wire, or it can be combined with chains of flames at regular intervals. Barbed wire tattoos for girls are delicate designs, so that they do not lose their raw look, yet look feminine.

For feminine tattoo designs with the barbwire, the design can be toned down a little. This tattoo can be made on the back as well, if you do not want to show off the tattoo design. The back also provides for a bigger canvas. It can also be made into a neck tattoo. An interesting tattoo idea for women is to make it into a waistband tattoo. It lends a regal look. If you are fond of anklets, then this is an apt design for an ankle tattoo.
Barbed Wire & Heart
Barbed Wire Tattoo for Breast Cancer
Barbed Wire & Anchor
Getting a Barbed Wire Tattoo
There are many placement ideas for this tattoo design. One can decide to make sleeve tattoos, wrist tattoos, etc. with this tattoo design. Cheryl Cole came up with an interesting location to make this tattoo. She got it made around her thighs. The barbed wire encircles the entire thigh. This tattoo is often seen as armband tattoo designs, as it enhances the look of the well-built or toned arms. At the same time it also lends a sturdy look to the arm.
Barbed Wire with dagger
These tattoos can be carved on any part of the body. Ankles, wrists, upper arms are some of the popular places. Some people even go for such a tattoo on the neck, back, waist and chest. When sculpted on wrists and ankles, these tattoo designs look like bracelets. On neck, these tattoos look like permanent necklaces. One can even go for a barbed wire tattoo on the waist to form a belt like design. The back is also a good place to get such a tattoo. Since it provides for a broad expanse of canvas to make a tattoo, it is a preferred location. The tattoos can also extend from one shoulder to another, or from one's neck to just above the bottom.

Previously, employees were discouraged from getting wrist tattoos, so as not to spoil relations with their employer, but the trend is fast changing. Sharp designs made on soft human skin makes this tattoo stand out from other tattoo designs. So, if you want to convey the message of your tough character, ability to face challenges, your inner strength, then you should surely go for these tattoos to enhance your personality. Make sure this tattoo goes well with your lifestyle and complements your personality.

Once you have decided on barbwire tattoos, then you may want to talk to your tattoo artist for some more inputs on unique barbed wire tattoos design. At the same time, you can use some unique ideas you have to make for an interesting tattoo design. After deciding on a tattoo design, it is best to get a temporary tattoo made and after you have liked the design you can get a permanent tattoo made.