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Bald Eagle Tattoos

Bald Eagle Tattoos
Eagle tattoos are able to capture the majesty and beauty of this regal bird of prey. Of all the various tattoo designs, ones with the bald eagle are the most popular among body art aficionados.
Bhakti Satalkar
A number of people choose to get themselves inked with bald eagle motifs, and these are very popular with men. They can be seen on people of all generations including young, fearless men to mature and retired veterans. Bald eagle iconography has a special association with the United States. Let's see what are the meanings associated with eagle tattoos.

Bald eagles have long being associated with the expression of freedom and fearlessness. Bald eagle is the national emblem of United States of America since 1782. These birds are only found in North America. The eagles are mainly fish eaters, hence, are found closer to water bodies. A number of Americans choose to get a bald eagle tattoo made as reverence to the United States military service. A patriotic American can show his love for the country by getting inked with a bald eagle design.

An eagle is known to represent wisdom, spiritual protection, and a provider of strength and courage. In many cultures, eagles are seen to be a connection between man and gods. They are said to carry prayers and spiritual insights. According to native Americans, eagles are a representation of honor, bravery, love, friendship, as well as magical powers. Eagles are also seen as the 'divine spirit' and the head of all the creatures in air as well as the primary servant of the sun.

▶ Bald eagles are very often depicted with wings spread wide and with determination clearly seen on their faces. The wings are broad and brown in color.
▶ The most common depiction of a bald eagle is with the American flag.
▶ The other variation is that of the American flag draped around the bird, which makes for an interesting tattoo idea, both for men and women.
▶ Another design that is often seen is that of an eagle in flight where the flag is made to form a part of its flapping wings.
▶ Bald eagles can also be depicted with the wings spread, keeping the color scheme monochromatic.
▶ Harpy eagles are named after the harpies in Greek mythology and they are shown carrying large tree-dwelling animals.
▶ You may opt for a serene eagle, sitting peacefully on a branch with golden-brown fall leaves and watching the landscape peacefully.
▶ If you want a smaller design, you can make use of a short-toed eagle with its bushy white and brown feathers and pointed beak, retaining an intense expression on its visage.
▶ One of the most commonly seen tattoo designs is that of a struggle between a small, yet strong, snake and eagle.
▶ Bald eagles can also be combined with crosses, tribal tattoo designs, or military symbols to make a unique design.
▶ If you are a Harley Davidson fan, you may want to opt for an eagle with its wings outstretched and a banner wrapped around the bird which says 'live to ride, ride to live'.
▶ You can also go in for a design with the face of an eagle painted in the hues of the American flag and the beak painted golden.

Tattoos last forever, hence you will have to be extra careful with them. You may opt for a temporary tattoo first and if it is as per your liking, you can choose to get permanently inked with the design of your choice. Talking to the tattoo artist can also prove to be beneficial in your search for that perfect design.
Bald Eagle red and black wings
Tribal Eagle tattoo
Face of an Bald  eagle
Bald Eagle Tattoo