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Back Tattoos for Guys

Back Tattoos for Guys
Your body is your own personal canvas and you can do whatever you please with it. Back tattoos look amazing on men and women, who have the confidence to carry off this trend with ease. Unless you have already made up your mind on the design you intend to get, here are a few ideas to consider.
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Tattoos are meant for life, therefore they should represent an integral part of the individual's personality. A man's tattoo should characterize his faith or belief in something. Tattoos usually mean a lot to the people who get them. They believe that the reasons for getting the tattoo and what it represents, encapsulates a feeling which is strong enough to be etched in ink forever. Here are some ideas on back tattoos for men from which you can gain inspiration from.

#1 - The War of the Archangels
Consider getting a tattoos that depicts an epic war being fought between two archangels. One who has fallen from grace and the other who still believes in the lord's command. Such a battle scene can be spread out on the entire back and filled with various colors or with only black ink. A tattoo such as this, expresses the wearer's faith that good always defeats evil.

#2 - Tribal Totem Animal
Many channelize on their respective totem/animal spirit. This animal spirit is supposed to be a lifelong representation of your actual soul. It is a messenger that if called upon, will guide and protect you through tough times. It is believed to provide divine council that helps our conscience do and say the right things. So if you associate yourself with a particular animal, bird, or insect, then you should meditate and see if you feel an inexplicable attachment to that animal. If so, then that animal is your spirit totem.

#3 - R.I.P
It may seem strange at first, but for some a tattoo is more than mere ink on skin. For some, it's their way of saying that they will always remember the ones who are no more. Some get tattoos of their parents who may have died suddenly, or of a best friend who left sooner than he/she should have. It could be a tattoo of a sibling or even a cherished pet. It could also be a symbol for afterlife, especially for those who feel they have experienced death and been resuscitated back to life. Much like how the phoenix is said to rise from its own ashes.

#4 - The Final Judgment
The final judgment may be depicted differently by various cultures. Though the outcome is the same, we get judged for our deeds for this lifetime. And the ones who judge us are impartial. These tattoos, could represent standing at the gate of heaven or in the dungeons of hell. It could also be as simple as looking at your own reflection in the mirror. It may be just a tattoo for many, but for those who choose to wear it, it may be their way of penance or hope for a better afterlife.

#5 - A Withered Tree that Blossomed
Even a withered tree could seem beautiful to some. However, to depict a dead tree bearing fruits, is man's conception that there is still hope within himself and in the world. When all is lost, some still find ways to do their best for others. It could also be a sign of progress, where people who have faced a lot of setbacks and hardships in life, finally find peace and happiness.

#6-Comic Characters
You can even go for a theme that has been your lifelong passion. If you are a total comic buff, then go for characters that you have loved since a child. These may include, anything from the Tom and Jerry, Superman, The Joker, or Ms. Betty Boop.

#7-Aircraft Nose Art Tattoos
Aircraft nose art was a huge rave among U.S. war planes during the 1950s. If you're a fan of this artwork, you can go for characters such as:
  • Cami Ningyo
  • Memphis Belle
  • Kansas City Kitty
  • Night Mission
  • Hoosier Honey
  • Sack Time
  • Reserved
  • Large Marge
  • Lazy Daisy Mae
  • Liberty Belle
  • Linda
  • Slick Chick
  • Lucky Lady
  • My Mary Lou
  • Peek of Perfect
  • Pink Lady
  • Special Delivery
  • Sugar's Blues
  • Yellow Fever
  • Any of the sensual characters from the 'Allman Magnum' cigarette packs
You can draw inspiration from these as well as other ideas on suitable tattoos for men. Nonetheless, try to come up with something original and completely new. Though remember, your tattoo must mean something really special so that you can wear it throughout your life.
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